BA in English - A Transformative Journey from Verse to Universe


Blog / December 27, 2023

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The evolution of the English language is a captivating journey through time, mirroring the diverse nature of human communication. Originating from the Germanic languages spoken by early Anglo-Saxons, the English language had gone through profound alterations. The Norman Conquest of 1066 injected French influences, encompassing vocabulary and announcing nuances of sophistication. The Renaissance period has seen a massive surge in classical borrowing, further purifying the language. English soaked words from numerous cultures as Britain broadened its global reach during the colonial era. 

In the 17th century, the standardization of English was achieved via the dictionaries’ publications, led by Samuel Johnson's monumental work. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the Industrial Revolution and technological innovations contributed to an intensification of technical terms. 

The emergence of the Internet in the late 20th century came with a fresh wave of linguistic evolution, instituting acronyms, abbreviations, and a globalized lexicon. In the present era, the English language is a dynamic, adaptable language, continuously shaped by cultural, social, and technological forces. Its progression exemplifies the vibrancy of a language and resilience transcending borders and epochs, reflecting the rapidly altering tapestry of human experience. Pursuing a BA in English will be the right fit if you are keenly interested in diving deep into the world of English literature.

Many of you might wonder, “What would the future look like after BA English?” Correct? Let’s dive in.

What Are the Courses After BA English Hons?

Once you complete your BA English degree, ample education options and career paths are available. Nevertheless, the choice solely depends on your career goals, interests, and personal preferences. Below are some courses you can contemplate pursuing after a BA in English. Read on.

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Master's in English Literature 
  • Master's in Creative Writing
  • Master's in Library Science
  • Master's in Journalism or Mass Communication

And many more!

Remember to research each option thoroughly before jumping to any conclusion, and consider your personal interests, skills, and career goals. Networking, internships, and gaining practical experience can also enhance your career prospects.

Apart from pursuing a higher education after a BA in English, there are ample job opportunities with high-end packages. Get a glimpse.

High Paying Jobs After BA English

However, a Bachelor's degree in English may not directly resonate with specific high-paying professions; it imparts graduates with exceptional skill sets that can be used in many industries. Here are several high-paying career paths you can pursue. Read the table:

Job Roles

Average Salary

Content Strategist


Technical Writer

6,50,000 LPA

Public Relations Specialist

6,00,000 LPA

Grant Writer

3,50,000 LPA

Advertising Copywriter

5,50,000 LPA


7,90,000 LPA


3,50,000 LPA

Still, you think, “What to do after BA in English?”

While these careers may not have English as a strict prerequisite, the communication and analytical skill sets gained via a BA English degree can be exceptionally beneficial in securing and excelling in these high-paying roles. In addition, enrolling in relevant internships, gaining practical experience, and constantly building additional skills can improve job prospects and earning potential.

Traverse the Career Paths with a B.A. (Research) in English @ Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

In the world-class corridors of Shiv Nadar University, the English exploration goes beyond mere textual analysis. It is nothing less than a discerning expedition into human experiences, an entranceway to comprehending diverse cultures, and a crucible for improving critical thinking and skills far beyond traditional boundaries. The B.A. (Research) in English course, housed under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, is carefully crafted to fuel a passion for narratives, language, and the art of expression.

Enrolling in the B.A. (Research) in English at Shiv Nadar University means commencing a journey via a vast expanse of literary treasures, encircling timeless classics and contemporary masterpieces. Under the massive supervision of highly skilled and distinguished faculty, reckoned for their expertise and experience, you will ravel language intricacies, interpretation, and the art of literary analysis.

Via vibrant and sound discussion, intellectually stimulating guest lectures, and interactive seminars, the veil obscuring meanings within texts will be eliminated, promoting a deep understanding of the worlds they decipher. Furthermore, the quest for a B.A. (Research) in English literature expands beyond the confines of the classroom.

Immerse Yourself in the Magnetic World of English Literature

The B.A. (Research) in English course offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to excel as English graduates in the 21st century. Tailored to the demands of Literary Studies, it unlatches diverse career prospects. With Shiv Nadar University’s esteemed legacy, this undergraduate degree ensures a credible and enriching academic journey. Enroll today in a B.A. (Research) in English at Shiv Nadar University.