B. Des. Course: Fuel Your Creativity & Cultivate Your Design Expertise


Blog / February 27, 2024

Indubitably, Design is the silent force driving our world and touching each aspect of human lives. Besides aesthetics, Design revolves around intent, functionality, and user experiences. Be it creative digital interfaces or awe-inspiring user-friendly products, Design influences how individuals perceive and interact with their surroundings. Essentially, Design is problem-solving, as it seeks to address challenges and improvise experience & expertise. 

Regardless of whether it is building a user-friendly application interface or sustainable product packaging, designers mix creativity with practicality to find avant-garde solutions. Oddly enough, Design pushes cultures, languages, and disciplines. Moreover, it is a universal language transmitting emotions and ideas. 

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Have you ever wondered how Bachelor of Design students are bagging golden opportunities lately? Well, the demand for creative thinkers and problem solvers is soaring, especially in today’s era, where artificial intelligence is surpassing numerous operational tasks. The ability to operate like a designer, approach and tackle problems from idiosyncratic angles, and come up with innovative solutions is an un-thrashable skill, which you can develop gradually by pursuing a B. Des. course/degree. 

Eligibility for Bachelor of Design Degree

  • A candidate must have cleared 10+2 or equivalent from any stream with a minimum aggregate of 65% in all four academic subjects and English as a mandatory subject.
  • Candidates awaiting their results can also apply by providing all the required documents meeting minimum eligibility criteria at the time of admission. 

Admission Routes

Eligibility for Application

Qualifying Exam

Shortlisting for Admission 

Route 1

10+2 or equivalent from any stream with a minimum aggregate of 65% in all four academic subjects, including English

UCEED 2024


Route 2

10+2 or equivalent from any stream with a minimum aggregate of 65% in all four academic subjects, including English

JEE Mains Paper 2A/ NATA


Route 3

10+2 or equivalent from any stream with a minimum aggregate of 65% in all four academic subjects, including English

SNUSAT / College Board SAT

+ Interview

Bachelor of Design Syllabus

The Bachelor of Design (B. Des.) program offers students with a holistic curriculum blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills, readying them for dynamic careers in the design industry.

The Bachelor of Design (B. Des.) program offers students a comprehensive curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical skills, preparing them for diverse careers in the design industry. While the Bachelor of Design subjects and specializations offered may differ from one institution to another, the following outline captures the essence of what one might expect to study in a B. Des. course.

Core Courses

  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • Human Behavior, Psychology, and Creativity
  • Society, Culture, and Design
  • Human-Centered Design Methods
  • Product form and Detailing
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Visual Communication 1&2
  • Semiotics and Communication Theory
  • Electronics for Designers
  • User Experience Design
  • System Analysis and Information Design, and
  • Design for AR/VR


  • User Experience
  • Product System Design and
  • Visual communication Design

Overall, the Bachelor of Design syllabus is crafted to equip students with in-depth knowledge, skill sets, and mindset required to succeed as creative professionals in a rapidly evolving global marketplace. Through an amalgamation of theoretical study, practical application, and critical reflection, graduates surface as versatile problem-solvers and innovative thinkers who are ready to make an impact in the world via design.

Redefine Boundaries & Challenge Conventions with a B. Des. Program @ Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

Shiv Nadar University is a renowned multidisciplinary university located in Greater Noida, India, with a commitment to fostering innovation, research, and holistic education. The university, established in 2011, embodies the vision of its founder, Mr. Shiv Nadar, a pioneer in the Indian IT industry and philanthropist.

Under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the university offers the Bachelor of Design (B. Des.) program. This four-year undergraduate program aims to accelerate the coming generation of creative thinkers and problem-solvers entrusted with a deep comprehension of design principles and methodologies.

Shiv Nadar University’s B. Des. program is highly distinctive in its multidisciplinary approach, merging theoretical knowledge with hands-on studio projects, along with industry collaborations. Avid learners have the opportunity to specialize in areas such as Interaction Design, Industrial Design, and more, tailoring their education to their interests and career aspirations.

Also, the curriculum focuses on design thinking, advancement, and sustainability, preparing students to tackle intricate challenges in dynamic fields such as product design, digital media, branding, and social innovation. With modern facilities, seasoned faculty, and a vivacious campus community, Shiv Nadar University offers a nurturing environment where aspiring designers can prosper and realize their creative potential. 

Specializations Offered

  • User Experience
  • Product System Design and
  • Visual communication Design

Dream, Design, Deliver

The Bachelor of Design, aka B. Des. course, offers a metamorphic educational journey, encouraging and empowering students to emerge as visionary designers equipped with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to shape the future of design. Overall, if you want to turn dreams into reality, a design degree is your stepping stone. Earning a B. Des. degree from an eminent university would help you convert your passion for design into a gratifying career. Hence, enrol into a Bachelor of Design program at Shiv Nadar University. Today!!