Disability Support

Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence has constituted Disability Support Cell (ref. bod/2019-20/632, for compliance of Honorable Supreme Court. Order No.292 of 2006) for the students with disabilities in the University. The main objectives are to make the campus friendly for all students with disabilities and to address any problems or special needs that may arise. The committee consists of faculty members and staff members from the University as well as a University counselor.

Role of the Committee:

  1. To ensure a disabled friendly environment in the campus, as per the prevailing guidelines.
  2. To examine students request, consulting with medical practitioner at the institute.
  3. Easy accessibility of resources to the student, up to the extent possible.
  4. Protect the confidentiality of students' disability-related information.
  5. To facilitate the academic and student life journey of a disabled student in the university.

You may contact the disability support committee here: [email protected].

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