Sewage treatment plant with latest technology

A modular Sewage treatment plant (STP) of 734 KLD capacity has been installed on campus. At present, the plant treats about 550 KLD of water from the campus including campus housing and the treated water is used for irrigation. The plant capacity however, has been enhanced to 734 KLD.

Sr. No.


Sub Location

Rating (KLD)

Techincal Description



Main STP

Near Gate no. 1


Frequency of CIP :- Monthly

Chemical Used for CIP for all Plants :- 3 Nos

1. HCL -77 KG

2. Sodium -165 KG

3. Hypo -220 KG

Technical Specification:

We have two STP'S opeartional at campus one is 500 KLD capacity situated near gate no. 1 & secound is 234 KLD capacity situated at UB-4 .

Assets Deatils :-

1. 16 Nos Blowers

2. 13 Nos Suction Pumps

3. 8 Nos sludge transfer pump

4. 11 Nos Sewage Pumps









Cluster -4 & 5




Process of Water Treatment :

1. We have MBR type STP installed at SNU. Firstly , water will store in collection tanks from all buildings.Then water go through the screen bar chambers. The bar screen chamber is used to separate plastics and other non-decomposable matter from incoming waste water to prevent clogging of pipelines and pumps .After this water flow through oil & grease chamber to seperate the oily waste from waste water.

2. After oily waste seperation water logging in equlization tanks. Water pickuped up from equlization tanks through sewage transfer pump and sent to anoxic tanks for speration of waste through mesh.

3. After this water sent to areation tanks for blowering & sludge circulation and further sent to MBR tanks.

4. In MBR tanks water flow through the memberains for further treatment.

5. Treated water suck by the suction pumps and passed through UV for final treatment.

6. This treated water sent to the treated water tanks.

7. Treated water transfer pump sent the treated water to the gardens & tankers for further gardning.

Sludge Disposal:

1. Sludge stored in sluge storage tanks and further sent for sludge cake process through sludge disposal pump.

2. Dry sludge will be used in gardening & hoticulture purposes.

Quantity of Treated Water:

1. Total STP capacity is 734 KLD & which treated 550 KL water per day .

2. Amount of treated water is 75% of total capaciy.