Social Sector Internship

The Social Sector Internship (SSI) is a project that all undergraduate students, without exceptions, go through in the School of Management and Entrepreneurship at Shiv Nadar University. In this program, students undergo a rigorous 8-week on-site internship immersion in rural and non-urban ecosystems. During their tenure, our students work with local indigenous communities on ameliorating social enterprise challenges or creating growth models for the social sector. The SSI is uniquely crafted to provide students with context in an ecosystem that forces them out of their comfort zone to develop empathy, expertise, and abilities to make sound judgments that impact human lives.

SSI is an eight-week rigorous and mandatory internship on real-life projects that provides our graduates the context, empathy, and expertise to make decisions, keeping in mind the triple bottom line involving people, planet, and profit, irrespective of the professional or entrepreneurial roles they assume in the future. These opportunities generate new forms of knowledge where disciplinary barriers are dissolved; the divides between the scholar and the practitioner, the thinker and the doer, are overcome, and concrete societal benefits accompany the academic benefits of research. SSI is contributing toward a world that is healthy, sustainable, just, and inclusive.