Nanoelectronics Computation Laboratory (N.C.L.)

The Nanoelectronics Computation Laboratory (N.C.L.) facilitates running TCAD simulations at a transistor level and also simulations related to VLSI on-chip interconnects. TCAD stands for Technology CAD, the technology aspect implying process/material technology. In other words, TCAD tools simulate the effects of process and material-related parameters (etch rate, material work function, channel doping, physical models (and their controlling parameters) for various physical effects like recombination/generation, band-to-band tunneling, etc.), by spatially solving the fundamental partial differential equations that govern the physics of semiconductor devices and on-chip interconnects.

As of March 2022, we have two 3D licenses and three 2D licenses of the Sentaurus and Raphael TCAD tools from Synopsys Inc.