Microfluidics Lab

Dr. V. M. Rajesh's Microfluidics Lab stands as a premier research hub, furnished with state-of-the-art facilities. The lab is dedicated to harnessing the potential of microfluidic technologies to craft solutions for complex real-world challenges.
This lab serves as the incubator for a myriad of projects that not only push the boundaries of innovation but also carry significant implications for addressing real-world challenges. The Development of Single and Multiphase Distributors for Flow Uniformity in Parallel Micro and Milli Channels, for instance, is aimed at enhancing efficiencies across various chemical processes, offering potential advancements in industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and energy. Moreover, in collaboration with BPCL, the lab's Sustainable Maleic Anhydride Production from n-Butane Oxidation project is working towards revolutionizing the chemical industry by making the production process more sustainable, reducing both energy use and environmental impact.
Beyond these, the Microfluidics Lab is also carving a niche in the realm of water treatment and sustainable energy practices. Projects such as the Visible Light Induced Removal of 1,4-Dioxane Contaminant from Drinking Water and the Pyrolysis of Oil Extracted Spice Waste and Up-gradation of Bio-diesel Using Novel Catalysts aim to address pressing environmental issues, transforming waste management strategies and revolutionizing water treatment practices.
Under Dr. Rajesh's stewardship, the Microfluidics Lab continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to today's pressing challenges, highlighting its pivotal role in propelling forward the field of chemical engineering

Location: D113A
Faculty Member: Dr. V. M. Rajesh