Low Temperature Measurement Laboratory

The Low-temperature laboratory consists of a closed cycle cryocooler (with an electromagnet) from Advanced Research Systems, Inc. The closed cycle cryocooler is a precision machine carefully tuned to achieve temperatures below 4 K with cooling powers of approximately 0.1W at 4.2 K. This instrument is designed to carry out electrical, magnetic and optical studies of samples, mainly thin films, at temperatures much lower than room temperatures to investigate quantum phenomena in metallic and semiconducting systems.

The following investigations can be performed with the help of a cryocooler:

  1. I-V measurements of metallic and semiconducting nanostructured films as functions of temperature down to 4.2K
  2. Variation of resistivity as functions of magnetic fields up to 1.5 Tesla.
  3. Hall effect studies of thin films for studying mobility and carrier density as functions of temperature.


Ground Floor, Room: R003D

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