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The English major provides a thorough introduction to the essential genres and intellectual movements within the discipline and the opportunity to conduct sustained research in a specific area in the senior year.

The Department of History and Archaeology seeks to impart rigorous training in the methods and theoretical approaches from the undergraduate level, and encourages students to think and write creatively. 

The Major Program in Biotechnology is designed to provide concepts and applications in major areas. The program covers the core and electives required to complete the course requirements.

Chemistry forms the link between the fundamental principles governing the nature of the universe and the science of life. Chemistry education at the University focuses on various interdisciplinary areas spanning different scientific disciplines as well as non-traditional areas in the arts and humanities; e.g., a Major in Chemistry can be combined with a Minor in Life Sciences at SNU. Alternatively, a student can pursue a Major in Chemistry with a specialization in Chemical Physics or Chemical Biology.

The B.Sc. (Research) program is one of its kind in India and is designed to be comparable to internationally acclaimed programs, and combines rigor in training with flexibility in choice. The core strength of the program is drawn from the faculty members who are active researchers in their respective fields. The program allows students to pursue their interests in Economics and related subjects after completing their foundation and core courses.

The Department of Finance, Accounting and Control (School of Management and Entrepreneurship) and The Department of Economics (School of Humanities & Social Sciences) has taken the lead to jointly offer the first-ever inter-disciplinary program involving multiple schools at the University. It leverages the inter-linked departments' strengths in training and developing the students to succeed in the highly competitive world of Money and Finance.

Over the last century, mathematics has not only taken great strides in its development but has become central to our understanding of almost every other discipline. Our undergraduate Major provides a solid base for further studies in mathematics, and its applications and careers in the industry. The program duration for our B.Sc. (Research) program is 6 to 12 semesters. Our graduates have gone onto higher studies and careers in mathematics, economics, and data analytics. They have been admitted to leading institutions in India and abroad

The research-led undergraduate program in physics is designed for a student who either wishes to pursue an interdisciplinary research career in physics or who wishes to use the skills of a physicist to understand complex systems ranging from the earth's atmosphere to the human cell. The rigorous undergraduate program in physics, together with the multidisciplinary environment of SNU, will enable a student to engage creatively with problems that transcend the confines of any single discipline. The duration of a B.Sc. (Research) in Physics is stipulated as three years (minimum) to six years (maximum).

The undergraduate degree program in Chemical Engineering focuses on imparting theoretical and practical knowledge in the design, development, operation, and maintenance processes involving chemical engineering and technology. The Department emphasizes on nurturing the creative ability of students.

The undergraduate degree program in Chemical Engineering focuses on imparting theoretical and practical knowledge in the design, development, operation, and maintenance processes involving chemical engineering and technology. The Department emphasizes on nurturing the creative ability of students.

The Department offers a four-year Bachelor of Technology degree. Students can obtain a Minor in another department, provided they meet the requirements of that Department. Students from another department can obtain a Minor in Civil if they meet the Civil Engineering department's requirements.

The Department has a group of dedicated regular and visiting faculty experts in their fields of work. Faculty hiring is very selective, and the Department continuously looks for brilliant Computer Scientists who will spearhead research in the afore mentioned areas. Research is promoted at the undergraduate level, and Computer Science & Engineering Majors are strongly encouraged to work and publish in research projects pursued by the faculty.

The B.Tech. Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering imparts essential concepts of electrical and computer engineering subjects to undergraduate students, making them better prepared to tackle the upcoming technological challenges.

The Department conducts translational research to address major technological bottlenecks. The Department has developed state-of-the-art laboratories that not only cater to the undergraduate curriculum but also foster research in various specialized and interdisciplinary areas.

The Department applies and tests historical and theoretical insights generated within the discipline, and draws on heuristics from the humanities and allied social and behavioral sciences to help students think more imaginatively about a range of global collective action problems.

The Department focuses on the contemporary in conversation with established new and classical, theoretical, and pedagogical traditions. By emphasizing critical empiricism central to the fieldwork, archival, and ethnographic traditions of sociology and social anthropology, the curriculum explores intersections, ruptures, and continuities that form the essence of contemporary life.

Bachelor of Design is a 4-year, future-oriented, trans-disciplinary program that uniquely curates knowledge and skills from Social Sciences, Arts, Engineering, and Management into Design. It provides a choice-based streaming system, allowing students to specialise in Experience Design (UI-UX), Product-System Design, and Visual Communication Design.

The Bachelor of Management Studies program in Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence is a unique offering in India. It will provide its selected cohort of students with a strong foundation of specialized knowledge, experiential learning, and opportunities for early global exposure.

The chemistry department offers a flexible and broad curriculum that prepares students in a step-wise manner not just for a career in chemistry and related fields upon graduation but also assists in acquiring leadership qualities.

The M.A. in English is designed to combine rigor with creativity. It takes students through significant moments in English literary history and world literature, and incorporates critical and cultural theory, translation, creative writing, and visual theory courses.

Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence announces the launch of a 2-year MA in Rural Management program, beginning 1st September 2023. This is a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary program, the like of which does not exist anywhere else in the country.

The Department of Economics at the Shiv Nadar University would like to announce that admissions into the M.Sc. (Economics) programme are now open for the academic year 2022-23. The two-year Master's program in economics is a top-tier postgraduate program in economics in India. The admitted students will receive training within a healthy research environment, supported by faculty members working at the forefront of research in their respective fields.

The Department of Electrical Engineering of Shiv Nadar University invites applications for admission to its full-time MTech program in VLSI Design and Embedded Systems (VLSID-ES). Students are admitted to the semester starting in August (Monsoon semester) for the 2-year program.

The Department of Art, Media and Performance (AMP) provides a dynamic, intensive, and interdisciplinary MFA program in contemporary art practice, encompassing a wide range of courses in art history, art theory, photography, moving image, painting, sculpture, mixed media, among others.

The two-year MBA program is specifically designed to respond to the needs of industry and to provide high-quality education to students to become ‘industry ready’ and ‘entrepreneurially oriented’. The program is focused on developing an ability for creative thinking, developing analytic rigor, and inculcating proper values and attitudes among students to transform them into principled and caring organizational leaders.

The 2-year program is designed with a distinct focus to impart skills in all four aspects of analytics, viz, data-driven business decisions, technology and tools, quantitative and statistical analysis, and storytelling with data. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for management jobs in the data-driven age. The program will be delivered by world-class faculty comprising both experienced academics and industry veterans.

The MBA (Executive) degree has been structured for professionals with a minimum work experience of 2 years to empower them with the knowledge and conceptual understanding they need to accelerate growth in their business or professional careers without disruptions in their existing careers.

This 2-year MBA Program is designed for fresh graduates and working professionals to provide them with effective business education in an online format. It prepares participants to lead in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and digital world. Apart from functional knowledge, the program emphasizes emerging technologies, globalization of businesses, and strategy in a digital world.

The Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering prepares and trains experts and leaders in chemical engineering and related fields. Our Ph.D. graduates are experts in their research domains, and competent in a broad array of chemical engineering techniques. They are also extremely effective communicators and teachers who can mentor and lead the next generation of chemical engineers.

The Ph.D. program in chemistry consists of a rigorous regimen of both broad-based and in-depth course work, development of project proposals, research and literature seminars, in-depth dissertation research under the supervision of a research advisor, and a public thesis defense.

The Department of Civil Engineering offers a transformative Ph.D. program, shaping visionary leaders in shaping the world's built environment

The School of Engineering, through innovative and engaging teaching methods, aims to provide a world-class learning experience.

The areas of expertise of faculty members in the Economics Department include development economics, economic growth, environmental economics, game theory and information economics, industrial organization, labor economics, macroeconomics, political economy, and public economics.

The Department offers a total of six full-time Ph.D. positions. Scholars can research areas like Power system stability integrated with renewable energy and storage, RF and Microwave (Electromagnetics, Antenna) Engineering, Signal Processing and Communication, VLSI Circuit design, Wireless mobile communication and networks, Advanced Semiconductor Devices / MEMS Devices, Power electronics and Drives, and Electromagnetic analysis in Electrical machines and Electrical Vehicles.

The Department offers a total of six full-time Ph.D. positions. Specializations are offered in Power system stability integrated with renewable energy and storage, RF and Microwave (Electromagnetics, Antenna) Engineering, Signal Processing and Communication, VLSI Circuit design, Wireless mobile communication and networks, and Advanced Semiconductor Devices / MEMS Devices.

The English Department's doctoral program comprises coursework and the completion of an 80,000 to a 100,000-word thesis. The Department is equipped to offer expert supervision in a range of areas. All admitted Ph.D. students are offered a stipend that enables them to carry out their research without financial stress.

The Department offers Ph.D. programs in both History and Archaeology. The Department emphasizes critical engagement, rigorous use of the sources, and the ability to generate data to undertake innovative and creative research into past societies. Candidates can submit proposals for researching any aspect of History, subject to the expertise of the current faculty. Proposals on the Archaeology of the South Asian past, with an emphasis on field archaeology and Museum and Heritage Studies, are welcome.

The Doctoral program at the Department provides research scholars an excellent opportunity to acquire and consolidate diverse skills in the disciplines/fields of international relations, political thought, governance, and development.

The Department of Life Sciences is research-focused and has an excellent Ph.D. program. The Department provides its graduate scholars with a discovery-driven intellectual environment to develop them as independent researchers.

The Ph.D. program is structured to enhance inquisitive knowledge in pursuit of advancing the field of study with new knowledge. Be part of a cohort of highly motivated, intellectual scholars and expert faculty members with a common goal- research that drives change.

In the Monsoon Session 2024, we are taking students in the following four areas: Functional Analysis Geometry Data Science Probability & Statistics

Mechanical engineering department offers a Ph.D. program focused on nurturing future researchers working for the welfare of society and the nation. Students are provided with state-of-the-art research facilities to pursue research topics of their interests.

The Department of Physics in the School of Natural Sciences is an active and growing research center, focusing on experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics, nanotechnology and development of novel materials for energy and environmental applications, and experimental and theoretical particle physics.

The Department of Sociology is establishing itself as a center of research and envisions a vibrant doctoral program that is alive to the plurality of South Asian cultures and societies, and welcomes comparative analyses from field sites around the world.

This jointly-taught MA between SOAS and Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (Shiv Nadar IoE) in Delhi is one of the only programmes to focus on global sociology and specifically on the global sociology of cities and urban life-worlds.