Introduction To ABAQUS Workshop

The ABAQUS workshop conducted in December 2020 was moderated by Dr. Ankit Gupta, Dr. Ramesh Gupta, Anant Bhatnagar, and Srikant Padmanabhan.

Moderators: Dr. Ankit Gupta, Dr. Ramesh Gupta (Theory – Design & Analysis)

                           Anant Bhatnagar, Srikant Padmanabhan (Practical Training)

Dates: December 12 – 16, 2020

An Introduction to ABAQUS workshop was conducted at the SDC in December 2020, which blended theoretical aspects with practical hands-on training.

This enabled to gain a total appreciation of the fundamentals of 3D modeling and structural analysis of Isotropic and composite structures, under the guidance of trained experts.

Day 1 (December 12, 2020):

    Overview of ABAQUS, Working with Geometry  

Day 2 (December 13, 2020):

    Material and Section Properties, 3D Modelling of parts

Day 3 (December 14, 2020):

    Basics of structural analysis, Steps, Output, Loads, & Boundary Conditions

Day 4 (December 15, 2020):

    Linear static analysis of Composite Beam and Plate

Day 5 (December 16, 2020):

    Linear Modal Analysis of Composite Beam and Plate