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Blog / November 22, 2023

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The demand for a Ph.D. in Economics in India is on the rise due to the multifaceted roles that economists can play in shaping the nation's economic landscape, contributing to academic excellence, and addressing global challenges.

As India continues its journey towards becoming a global economic powerhouse, the importance of highly skilled economists with doctoral-level training becomes increasingly evident, making the pursuit of Ph.D. Economics an attractive and rewarding option for many aspirants.

Moreover, the global economic landscape is constantly changing, and innovative research is needed to address emerging challenges. The Ph.D. Economics program provides the training and expertise required to conduct research that can lead to innovative solutions and economic growth.

Also, private sector enterprises, including banks, financial institutions, and consulting firms, are recognizing the importance of economics in their decision-making processes. Professionals with a Ph.D. Economics are instrumental in conducting market research, economic forecasting, and data analysis to guide business strategies.

phd in economics

So, professionals holding doctoral degrees in economics are in growing demand due to their valuable analytical and research capabilities. In fact, the field of economics is expected to experience a 6% job growth rate from 2021 to 2031, surpassing the overall occupational average of 5%.

Top 5 Career Options After Ph.D. in Economics in India

After completing a Ph.D. in Economics in India, you have various rewarding career options, both in academia and beyond. Here are the top five career paths:

  • University Professor/Researcher
  • Economists in Government Organizations
  • Consultant in Economic Consulting Firms
  • Financial Analyst
  • Political Scientist

phd in economics

These career options offer diverse opportunities for Ph.D. holders in Economics. Your choice will depend on your interests, expertise, and career goals. Additionally, some graduates may opt for entrepreneurship, think tanks, or research roles in private companies, further expanding their career horizons.

Master the World of Finance With a Ph.D. in Economics at Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Shiv Nadar University serves as a hub of possibilities and ingenuity for budding economists who are enthusiastic about pursuing advanced research and eager to explore the frontiers of human understanding. Located in the tranquil academic surroundings of Greater Noida, India, Shiv Nadar University has emerged as a prominent institution committed to fostering cutting-edge research across various fields, with a particular emphasis on economics. The University offers a world-class Ph.D. in Economics program that gives students the opportunity to work in a wide range of exciting fields.

Key Highlights of Ph.D. Economics Program:

  • All full-time Ph.D. students accepted into the program will be granted a doctoral award, which includes a tuition fee waiver determined by the Department, along with a monthly stipend.
  • During the first two years of the program, students will receive a monthly stipend of ₹40,000, which will be increased to ₹45,000 for the subsequent three years, contingent upon maintaining benchmarked performance.
  • The continuation of this award is contingent upon consistently satisfactory performance throughout the program and adherence to all University regulations.
  • Support will be provided to deserving Ph.D. students for the purpose of presenting their research at conferences and publishing their work.
  • It's important to note that students who possess fellowships from CSIR, UGC, INSPIRE, and ICMR will be eligible for a 100% tuition fee waiver.

Ph.D. in Economics Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process at Shiv Nadar University

  • In order to meet the criteria of eligibility for a Ph.D. Economics, applicants are required to have attained a minimum aggregate score of 55% in their postgraduate degree, regardless of the discipline.
  • The selection of candidates will be primarily determined by their performance in the admission procedure, provided they meet the aforementioned minimum eligibility criteria.
  • Individuals interested in applying for admission can access the online application link through the economics department's webpage and complete the application fee payment online.
  • Following a successful initial screening process, eligible applicants will receive an invitation for an online interview, followed by an in-person interview if necessary. 

The objective of the admission process is to assess candidates' proficiency in economics at the postgraduate level.

Unlock Your Door to Economics Insights with Ph.D. Economics

Pursuing a Ph.D. Economics is a journey of intellectual exploration and discovery, offering countless opportunities to deepen the understanding of economic phenomena and their implications. With dedication and expertise, you can shape the future of finance and make a lasting impact on the global economic landscape.

While the path may be challenging and demanding, the achievements are extraordinary, as a Ph.D. Economics not only unlocks a wider array of career prospects but also empowers individuals to establish an enduring legacy in the realm of the financial world. If you're eager to commence this thrilling expedition, consider enrolling at Shiv Nadar University today!