Most Promising Career Choices After B.Sc Biotechnology


Blog / June 22, 2023

 “Our world is built on biology, and once we begin to understand it, it then becomes a technology” ― Ryan Bethencourt

Biotechnology has impacted our lives and the health sector tremendously in the past few decades. The evolution in biotechnology has created a scope for innovations in science, government activity, business development, and patient care. The incorporation of biotechnology into our lives has proved beneficial. The government and private-sector industries started to offer incentives for this field. If all of the public and private sectors continue to provide funds for biotechnology innovations, it will positively impact the future of biotechnology.

Biotechnology holds the capability to offer cost-effective medical treatments for patients. It also ensures therapeutic advances that mitigate or cure medical conditions which are either too expensive or unavailable in the current times. 

What is B.Sc Biotechnology? 

Biotechnology is a course that combines biology, science and technologies to enhance human beings’ living conditions. This course imparts advanced lessons on biology sciences, which helps develop better technologies. B.Sc Biotechnology is a three-year undergraduate course that offers students technology to create valuable products for living organisms. 

Career Prospects after completion of BSc Biotechnology

Research Fellows: These professionals can work at universities or research institutions. After completing a B.Sc in Biotechnology, candidates can opt for a career in the research field. These professionals can work in groups or independently as well. It improves the quantitative and qualitative research skills of the candidates.  

Clinical Research Associate: After B.Sc biotechnology, candidates can get into the clinical research department and work as a clinical research associate. These professionals run clinical trials to test drugs for their effectiveness and risk factors.

Clinical Research Manager: After completing biotechnology courses, candidates can become clinical research managers who hold one of the most critical jobs in the healthcare industry. Their job entails managing all aspects of clinical trials that help innovate new medications.  

Professor/Lecturer: If a candidate is interested in the teaching profession, they can become a professor or lecturer. They can help in producing excellent students of biotechnology. 

Biostatisticians are expected to design, analyze, and implement targeted statistical studies. Candidates with a degree in any biotechnological course can pursue a career in this field. 

Biomedical Engineer: This profession offers candidates new devices and equipment for improving human health. They are also responsible for designing software that helps run the new tests for drugs and medicines.  

Biochemist: These professionals study the chemical and physical principles of living beings. They work in laboratories and offices to conduct experiments, which helps them analyze the results. 

Food Scientist and Technologist: These professionals work in the food production department, ensuring the quality of food meets the standards. 

Microbiologist: One can also become a microbiologist responsible for investigating growth and structure development. These professionals are responsible for examining growth and structure development.  

Animal Biotechnologist: This profession deals with the usage of science and engineering to modify living organisms. They aim to make products that can improve animals’ living conditions.

Students who want to pursue a degree in biotechnology courses after their 12th can opt for B.Sc in Biotechnology. A B.Sc in biotechnology can help the candidates get into various professions related to the department of science and technology. Students who want to pursue a career in research and biomedical engineering can opt for a course in biotechnology. There are various colleges across India where candidates get to pursue this course. They can enrol themselves in the life sciences department of Shiv Nadar University.

The Department of Biotechnology at SNU is well known for achieving many prestigious milestones. Their faculty members are highly talented and Doctorate holders. They have 12 regular faculty in this department and one visiting faculty. During a B.Sc in Biotechnology course, candidates study subjects like molecular & cell biology, virology, parasitology, microbiology, neurobiology, plant biology, protein and stress biology, cancer biology and bioinformatics. Shiv Nadar University ensures that the students can opt for specialization and basic research studies.