Master the Science of Society with a B.A. (Research) in Sociology


Blog / February 27, 2024

Sociology has continued its voyage as a vibrant and revolutionizing field of study, deepening the comprehension of human societies as well as social phenomena. Dating its origins back to the 19th century, sociology has since grown rapidly into an interdisciplinary domain encircling dynamic theoretical perspectives and research technologies.

Sociology played a crucial role in shedding light on marginalized voices, advocating for social justice, and challenging prevailing norms and ideologies. It offered invaluable insights into the dynamics of race, gender, class, and other dimensions of social inequality, promoting awareness and driving social change. Moreover, it also unravelled the intricacies of social structures, interactions, and institutions shaping human behavior and experiences.

Wait, do you have an interest in human behavior? Or are you willing to dive deep into the intricacies of human social life and serve as a catalyst for fostering understanding, empathy, and positive social transformation? If so, earning a degree in Bachelor of Arts (Research) in Sociology would be the perfect fit. 

The Future

One of the most common questions buzzing in the heads of 12th-pass students is, “Would I get a job after a B.A. (Research) in Sociology?” Correct? 

According to a report from the BLS, sociologists' employment rate will surge 5% between 2022 and 2032, which is much faster than that of other occupations. With this data, concluding that the future will be secure and rewarding won’t be wrong. 

B.A. (Research) in Sociology Scope

A Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (B.A. (Research) in Sociology) opens up fantastic career options across multiple sectors due to its emphasis on understanding human behavior, social structures, and societal dynamics. Below are some potential career paths for B.A. (Research) graduates in Sociology:

  • Social Work
  • Human Resources Management
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Community Development
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Education
  • Criminal Justice
  • Research and Academia

And so on!

These are just a few examples of the vast and varied career options accessible to B.A. Sociology graduates. With their solid analytical skills, empathy, and comprehension of social dynamics, sociology graduates are well-versed in making impactful contributions in many domains. 


B.A. (Research) in Sociology Syllabus

The syllabus covers a myriad of subjects some of which are outlined below semester-wise. Continue reading to know more. 

Semester 1

  • Academic Writing
  • Logic & Scientific Reasoning
  • Core1: Sociological Theory I
  • Major Elective 1
  • CCC

Semester 2

  • Understanding Modernity
  • Core 2: Anthropological Theory
  • Major Elective 2
  • UWE/Minor
  • CCC

 Semester 3

  • Core 3: Sociological Theory II
  • Core 4: Market, Exchange, and Obligation
  • Major Elective 3
  • UWE/Minor
  • CCC

Semester 4

  • Core 5: Religion and Society
  • Core 6: State and Citizenship
  • Major Elective 4
  • UWE/Minor
  • CCC

Semester 5

  • Core 7: Kinship and Relatedness
  • Major Elective 5
  • Major Elective 6
  • UWE/Minor
  • CCC

Semester 6

  • Core 8: Field, Archive, Ethnography
  • Major Elective 7
  • Major Elective 8
  • UWE/Minor
  • CCC

Semester 7

  • Thesis 1
  • Major Elective 9
  • Major Elective 10
  • UWE/Minor
  • CCC

Semester 8

  • Thesis 2
  • Major Elective 11
  • Major Elective 12
  • UWE/Minor
  • CCC

Make a Big Social Change Impact with a B.A. (Research) in Sociology @ Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

Shiv Nadar University is a transdisciplinary research-led university located in the heart of Greater Noida. Founded and established by the Shiv Nadar Foundation, it aims to provide a transformative educational experience promoting creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. The university is recognized for offering a broader range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across numerous domains.

One of its standout programs is a B.A. (Research) in Sociology, housed under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, which is curated to provide students with in-depth knowledge of human behavior, social structures, and cultural dynamics. Through an amalgamation of theoretical coursework, practical research projects, and fieldwork opportunities, students gain insight into numerous social phenomena and build analytical skills to critically evaluate societal issues.

The B.A. (Research) in Sociology curriculum at the university wraps up a dynamic range of topics, which include social theory, gender studies, globalization, urban sociology, and environmental sociology. Students engrossed in discussions on modern social issues and other things are empowered and motivated to propel their own area of research interests via independent projects and internships.

Altogether, Shiv Nadar University’s Bachelor of Arts (Research) in Sociology program stands out for its interdisciplinary approach, drawing upon insights from anthropology, psychology, economics, and political science, enthralling students with a comprehensive understanding of human societies. 

Take the First Step Toward a Meaningful Career in Sociology

Sociology offers a deep comprehension of human behavior, societal structures, and cultural dynamics. With the help of multidisciplinary inquiry and critical analysis, it imparts individuals with the tools to address and tackle modern challenges and promotes positive social change in a growingly interlinked world. So, join the vibrant community of Shiv Nadar University by enrolling in a B.A. (Research) in Sociology.