Lift Your Professional Career to a New High by Undertaking a PhD in Management


Blog / September 21, 2022

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Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done, and so is the case with pursuing a Ph.D. Doing a Ph.D. can sometimes be intellectually challenging, physically tiring, and emotionally draining.

Nevertheless, a Ph.D. degree is the top academic achievement and the most prestigious doctorate. Any Ph.D. holder is recognized as an independent researcher, an expert with in-depth knowledge of the chosen field of study. According to Professor Paul KH Tam, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Vice President (Research), University of Hong Kong, “A Ph.D. is about pursuing knowledge for the passion of acquiring knowledge. If one is fortunate, one’s discovery/invention may even change society.” Ph.D. graduates can contribute to understanding and influencing social change.

But Why Go for PhD in Management? 

Now you must be wondering why you should pursue a PhD in Management. Here are some of the most valid reasons to pursue this doctorate:

  • Become a better thinker
  • Sharpen your expertise in business and management
  • Become a scholar-practitioner
  • To bring a difference in the industry

MBA is becoming the number one choice for students from different backgrounds; there has been a constant growth in the admission of students in management courses. But what will make you stand out from them? Would you be willing to join a crowd with similar qualifications? If not, then you can go for a PhD in Management

We all know how crucial a PhD degree is. An All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE) report revealed that “the number of PhD degrees awarded has increased by 60% in the last five years. The total PhD admissions increased manifold in the last few years, from 1,26,451 in 2015-16 to 2,02,550 in 2019-20. A total of 38,986 students were awarded PhD degrees in 2019, which includes 21,577 male and 17,409 female candidates. In addition, 2,881 students enrolled in Integrated PhD programs and 2.02 lakh students enrolled in PhD degrees.” 

Business management is all about running a successful business with the help of efficient management skills such as controlling, leading, monitoring, organizing, and planning. As we know, business management delivers unexpectedly outstanding results for firms, and a PhD in Management seems like a great option. The course includes subjects like Banking, Accounting seminar, Global marketing seminar, Theory of Finance, Advanced Accounting Theory, Seminar in Banking, Strategic Information Systems, etc.

Doctorate In Management at Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (Deemed to be University) - A University Renowned for Research Excellence 

The Ph.D. Management program at Shiv Nadar IoE is designed to enhance analytical knowledge in pursuit of advancing the field of study with advanced knowledge. It provides students with considerable flexibility to work on topics of scholarly interest that satisfy their intellectual curiosity. Shiv Nadar IoE’s Ph.D. Management program is aimed to:

  • Help the candidates with the necessary tools and techniques of data analysis and pattern identification.
  • Sensitize the extensive knowledge already created in management and allied topics.

In other words, Ph.D. Management program encourages researchers to take up multidisciplinary projects.

The PhD admission at Shiv Nadar IoE is a three-stage process:

  • Filling the Online application form 
  • SME-Research Admissions Test
  • Personal interview

For more details about PhD Management eligibility and admission procedure, you can visit the official page here:
According to Stephen Covey, “Management is efficient in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.” To become a great leader, one must hone the existing management skills. PhD in Management can be a great step toward a successful career, and obviously, there are additional benefits to having ‘Dr.’ as your honorific with your name.