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Blog / November 28, 2023

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In today's highly advanced world of business, professionals radically find themselves juggling their careers with the pursuit of advanced and higher education. This is where Executive MBA (EMBA) courses are gaining traction as the go-to solution for individuals aiming to reach the peak of their careers without taking a break.

MBA Programs

These specialized MBA courses are typically curated to cater to the needs of experienced managers as well as executives looking to upscale their leadership skills. An EMBA is typically structured to fulfill the demanding schedules of working professionals, allowing them to immediately implement what they learn in their classrooms to their real work environments.

What Does the Future of the EMBA Course Hold?

According to a recent study highlighted in the Harvard Business Review, it has been asserted that around 78% of leaders contemplate having mentors in managerial roles within the workplace as crucial. Surprisingly, the study suggested that merely 37% of these leaders have such mentors accessible to them.

This substantial disparity showcases a clear deficiency in the availability of managerial mentors, potentially hindering leadership development and support within organizations. In crisp words, the future for EMBA graduates is brighter. If you have a knack for being at the top, an EMBA is for you.

Scope of an Executive MBA

The scope of an EMBA is extended beyond career advancement within one's current organization. It opens the gateways to top-tier management as well as leadership positions in a broader range of varied industries. Additionally, it can facilitate career transformations and entrepreneurial endeavors.


As the corporate world evolves and becomes highly competitive, an EMBA is an investment when it comes to professional growth and constant learning, giving individuals the tools and insights required to excel in managerial roles and adapt to the ever-altering global marketing/marketing place.

Career Opportunities After EMBA

After pursuing an Executive MBA in India, students get opportunities to elevate their skill sets and capabilities by effortlessly integrating coursework with their everyday professional commitments. Pursuing an EMBA means that there is no opportunity cost involved, as working professionals can efficaciously balance their work responsibilities along with their academic pursuits, enabling them to elate their education and careers simultaneously. Below are some career opportunities that become accessible once you complete an EMBA:

  • Brand Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Accounting Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Risk and Insurance Manager

And many more!

Remember, the career opportunities after completing an EMBA are dynamic and diverse, depending on the individual's interest, background, and specialization within the course. As the demand for these courses is vast and varied, in the future, there will be immense demand and career opportunities for professionals with EMBA degrees.

However, to be at the zenith, besides choosing the right course, it is imperative to enroll at an institution/university with a 100% success record. One of those universities is Shiv Nadar University- a Trailblazer in India!

Level Up Your Career with an MBA (Executive) Course at Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

Nestled in the midst of the lush, sprawling greens of India's educational landscape, Shiv Nadar University, recently tagged at the Institution of Eminence by the Government of India, stands tall as an illuminant of innovation and academic excellence. Established on the core principles of research, knowledge, and transformation, this institution is a cauldron where brilliance prospers.

As you step onto the serene campus, you will be greeted by picturesque surroundings and an atmosphere fuelled with intellectual curiosity and pioneering spirit. Shiv Nadar University is more than an academic institution where the boundaries of traditional learning are continually pushed.

With its commitment to promoting multidisciplinary studies, Shiv Nadar University is the place for inquisitive minds, where science meets the arts, where technology intertwines with humanities, and where diverse perspectives come together to forge the latest frontiers of knowledge. It's an ecosystem motivating students to emerge as creators, thinkers, and leaders in their own right.

But what truly sets Shiv Nadar University apart is its dedication to polishing students, lifelong learners, as well as global citizens. The MBA (Executive) course at the School of Management and Entrepreneurship is a transformative voyage for seasoned professionals seeking to ascend to the tip of leadership. This particular course is not just about gaining knowledge but rather mastering the art of decision-making, embracing strategic leadership, and fuelling your career trajectory.

Envision a learning experience transcending conventional boundaries, where classroom discussions delve into real-world challenges and where networking opportunities are as enriching as the curriculum. In crisp words, Shiv Nadar University's MBA (Executive) is precisely that – an academic odyssey where you can sharpen your business acumen, engage in thought-provoking debates, and create a lasting impact in your field.

Executive MBA Eligibility

For admission to the MBA (Executive) program at Shiv Nadar University, prospective candidates are required to possess a bachelor's degree (10+2+3) from a recognized university in any field. Furthermore, they must demonstrate a minimum of 2+ years of relevant work experience.

Executive MBA Fees

When considering the financial aspects of the MBA (Executive) course at Shiv Nadar University in comparison to other similar programs, the tuition fees are notably affordable. Pursuing a Master's in Business Administration (Executive) at the University incurs a fee of just INR 7,50,000. It's a cost-effective option that offers tremendous value for prospective students.

Discover the Excellence of MBA Executive @ Shiv Nadar University

An EMBA equips working professionals with in-depth knowledge, insights, and connections mandatory to excel and adapt in a rapidly changing world/. It is nothing less than a gateway to a pool of opportunities and challenges, turning it into a valuable asset, especially for those who have already achieved something in their careers and wish to rise to the next level. If you are keenly interested in excelling yourself, enroll now at Shiv Nadar University.