BA In History: The Study Of Evolution From Foregone To The Present Time


Blog / June 22, 2023

Enthusiasts who have an urge to learn about the culture and civilization of the ancient era and are immensely fascinated with knowledge about how the past connects to our contemporary world are more likely to make History their career. History is a discipline that encompasses the exciting stories about Ancient India, the Indian National Movement, Freedom Struggles, Nelson Mandela's endeavors to end Apartheid, causes of the French Revolution, Nazi ideology, Hilter's thinking, History of Indian Art, and whatnot.

Several courses offer specialization in History. BA History is a course that lets you explore an incredibly diversified journey of events and their accurate backdrops. Bachelor Of Arts specialized in History is an undergraduate program that deals with the evolution of human civilization from ancient to the present times. The three-year programme expands research of significant historical events within a country or worldwide.

BA History is a course that helps students develop alertness of mind, passion and sympathy, good team spirit, punctuality, and responsibility and awareness towards the historical area. The BA History syllabus list includes topics that drill students as historians or archaeologists.

Now let's get into the blog to discover the field of History and the career prospects that it offers.

What do you learn in a bachelor's degree in History?

BA history lets you understand and know numerous national and world history aspects. However, the BA History syllabus can vary from one country to another. Concerning the BA History subjects, there is one crucial thing: the course curriculum will vary from one country to another.

For instance, in India, the center of focus to a large extent will be on the History of India and the major political and socio-economic expansions that took place worldwide. In addition, the BA History syllabus incorporates topics from ancient history to modern History.

So, here I am mentioning a generalized list of some of the BA History subjects covered in the course.

  • Ancient Indian History
  • Medieval India
  • The transformation from Modern to Present India
  • Ancient World History
  • Political Theory
  • USA and USSR History   
  • European Integration and Transformation

What to do after a BA in history bachelor's degree?

Higher education

History is a broad subject that takes you on a journey of humankind and builds your insight into the future of civilization. If you are the one who gets engrossed in drawing up the broader picture of how the world has evolved, you can pursue a master's degree in History and research after the bachelor's degree in History. The most followed path after BA History is the Doctorate degrees, which can be acquired in different related specializations.

Some of the higher study programs to gain advanced knowledge in the area are mentioned below:

  • MA in Ancient Indian History & Archaeology
  • MA in History of Indian Art & Culture
  • MA in History and Culture
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Architecture

Job prospects after BA in History

BA History subjects open up fantastic job avenues for the aspirants. After graduation, degree aspirants can work in the public and private sectors based on their work or skills. "According to an article in Glassdoor: The starting salary of a BA History graduate would be around INR 3.5 - 9LPA."

Below is a list of job designations that you can explore as a History graduate.

  • Archaeology
  • Museum management
  • Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Archaeologist

Dr Duncan Campbell, associate professor, History and the academic program director of the Bachelor of Arts in History at National University, Research concluded that Communication and Critical thinking are the skills that are immensely high in demand in today's diverse and multicultural work environment.

Moreover, many graduates might struggle to decide which college to choose and what to do after a BA History course? Well, this is the only concern behind the blog above. I have mentioned some career options after graduation in History. And as far as I have heard, I found Shiv Nadar University, NCR, the best for pursuing the course. The University's undergraduate curriculum fosters students' ability to integrate critical thinking, scientific exploration, interpretive skills and normative principles into their world-view and train them as future leaders in a complex, changing, and unpredictable world.