BA History: Explore the Time Travel Through Texts


Blog / December 22, 2023

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In the dynamic corridors of time, studying History has been a continuous companion to humanity’s overall journey. From ancient civilizations to contemporary societies, the progression of History as a discipline mirrors our ceaseless quests to comprehend the past, present, and mold the future. Pursuing a BA in History (Bachelor of Arts in History) stands tall as evidence of the enduring importance of this academic field.

History, once narrated via some oral heritages, has evolved immensely into a robust discipline employing dynamic methods. The earlier focus on political as well as military History has subtly given way to a more comprehensive approach, encircling social, cultural, environmental, and economic dimensions. This widened perspective gives aspiring minds a deeper comprehension of the forces shaping human societies.


Do you have a keen interest in History? If yes, pursuing a BA degree in history would be the perfect fit. You must be pondering whether History or Political Science- Which is Better?


Let’s dive in. 

BA History vs. BA Political Science

BA History delves deeper into past studies, covering a broader range of topics, for example, political events, cultural developments, social movements, and economic changes. It gives a holistic understanding of how societies have progressed with time.

BA Political Science centers on the study of political systems study, government structures, international relations, as well as the behavior of individuals and groups in political contexts. It traverses the dynamics of power, governance, and the impact of policies on societies. 

In simple terms, both courses have their perks, but ultimately, it depends on your interest, passion, career goals, skill development, etc. Hence, research everything before jumping to any concrete conclusion. But a BA in History will be more relevant. 

The Future of BA History

The future of BA History is not restricted to dusty archives; it extends into the spheres of digital History and public engagement. Entwining technology, historians can now access and analyze a plethora of details, making History a dynamic and rapidly evolving field. The ability to communicate historical narratives with the help of digital platforms ensures that the lessons of the past remain relevant and accessible to every individual. 

As per the findings of the BLS, the employment rate of historians is predicted to grow 3 percent between the years 2022 and 2032, which is much faster compared to the average for all occupations. On average, around 300 openings for Historians are projected each year for the coming decade. Therefore, the future for BA History students is safe and secure. 

Job Prospects after BA History

This very course opens massive job avenues for like-minded beings. Post completing graduation, you can work in the public and private sectors based on your skill sets.

Mentioned below is a list of job designations you can explore as a BA History graduate:

  • Archaeology
  • Teacher
  • Archaeologist
  • Librarian
  • Curator
  • Paralegal
  • Museum management
  • Public Relations Manager

And many more! 

Although, it is important to comprehend that besides choosing the right course, enrolling at the right university is highly important. These days, many renowned universities are offering a BA in history, and one of them is Shiv Nadar University, which takes forward the legacy of Shiv Nadar.

Explore, Analyze, and Excel with a B.A. (Research) in History @Shiv Nadar University (Institution of Eminence)

Shiv Nadar University, nestled in the rich tapestry of Greater Noida, is renowned for its dedication to academic excellence and innovation. This research-centric university proffers a unique B.A. (Research) in History that sets it apart. This distinctive undergraduate course is curated to promote critical thinking, research skills, and a deep understanding of historical events.

The undergraduate course at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences goes beyond conventional undergraduate programs by emphasizing a research-oriented approach. Students are encouraged and motivated to explore diverse and dynamic historical perspectives, engage in primary source analysis, and undertake independent research projects under the supervision of well-versed and experienced faculty members.

The curriculum is designed to provide a holistic understanding of historical contexts, allowing students to analyze and interpret intricate historical narratives. The program not only emphasizes theoretical frameworks but also equips students with practical research methodologies, preparing them for advanced academic pursuits or careers in fields such as academia, archival studies, and cultural heritage management. 

With high-end facilities, a lively academic community, and a great dedication to nurturing in intellectual curiosity, Shiv Nadar University's B.A. (Research) in History offers a stimulating and enriching educational experience for individuals passionate about raveling past mysteries. 

Gear Up to Rewind, Reflect, and Reshape with BA History

The progression of history mirrors the collective endeavors to make sense of the human experience. The future of BA in history lies in its adaptability, readying individuals to unravel the world’s complexities and contributing to the never-pausing narrative of human civilizations. As we travel through the time’s tapestry, the study of History remains an indispensable guide, illuminating the path ahead. To dive deep into B.A. (Research) in History, enroll now @ Shiv Nadar University.