The Whistleblower Policy

The principles of trust through Transparency and Accountability are at the core of Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence. To ensure strict compliance with ethical and legal standards across the University, the present policy has been created.

The objectives of this Policy are:
• To create a window for any person who observes an unethical behaviour, actual or suspected fraud, or violation of the general Code of Conduct or Ethical practices (hereinafter "Unethical and Improper Practices") either organizationally or individually to be able to raise it.
• To encourage timely, safe and open reporting of alleged wrong doings or suspected impropriety.
• To ensure consistent and timely institutional response.
• To ensure appropriate reporting of Whistleblower investigations.
• To encourage ethical and lawful conduct
• To provide adequate safeguards against victimization of persons.

The Human Resources Department is the owner of this policy and any clarifications or exceptions should be routed to HR.

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