Support sustainable food choices and local communities

At Shiv Nadar University, we prioritize procuring products from local sustainable sources, providing opportunities to local vendors to open food kiosks and vegetable shops within the campus. This helps support the local community with significant economic opportunities and provides fresh and sustainable food choices from local sources to university residents.

Currently, the campus has three dining halls, ten food kiosks, and vending machines for snacks, tea and coffee. The pantry on each floor in the academic area and hostel is equipped with purified drinking water for 3000+ student/staff/ residents inside the campus. The students are provided sustainable food choices keeping in mind the rich diversity of the student population on campus.

We have partnered with Jaivik (‘jaivik’ means 'organic' in Hindi), local organic farm situated within 15 miles of the university campus. The produce from the farm is procured weekly and used in preparing meals that are served on campus.

In addition, an exciting, new community-led food and nutrition initiative is in progress.