Our Commitment

Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence, realizes its responsibility towards sustainable environment and has committed to contribute to the overall socio-environmental sustainability by embarking on a journey to make the campus not only “Carbon Neutral Campus”, but also work on other UN sustainability goals across various functions at the campus.

The sustainability commitment of the leadership team at Shiv Nadar IoE could be evidenced through multiple initiatives undertaken as part of the structured sustainability framework with specific targets and timelines. The entire sustainability initiatives being driven from the office of the Director Administration and closely monitored and reviewed by the vice-chancellor herself is a true evidence of leadership commitment to the cause.

Carbon Footprint computation is one such initiative which is undertaken by the university covering all academic, non-academic, sports, recreational, biodiversity and residential activities at the campus. This being an annual exercise, the CFP is computed and analysis is undertaken to reflect the key elements contributing to the overall emissions and then identify specific initiatives which could be planned and executed to drive the university to a sustainable and green campus in true sense.
Net Zero Commitment
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