Master Class On Me, Us and Them: The I in Society

Young Thinkers Forum in collaboration with SHSS is organizing an online masterclass titled "Me, Us and Them: The I in Society" by Prof. Subhashim, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS).

Synopsis of the Session

"This session will address the place of the individual in society and think about this relationship. An individual is never a person without a location or an identity, we are always the children of someone, belong to a nation, practice some beliefs and ideals or even like and dislike certain kinds of food or speak a language alien to another. How do we then come together as a society and why do we need to? What will be the consequence of not coming together, if we don't wish to, or can we come together as a society being individuals with differences? Given the current contemporary concerns of where do we belong, this session will work with the idea of what it means to be a modern day individual, wherever we may be or whoever we wish to be."

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