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Undergraduate Research

At Shiv Nadar University undergraduate curriculum is structured to reflect University’s belief that multidisciplinary thinking is the key to new discoveries. The undergraduate curriculum emphasizes on fostering students' ability to integrate critical thinking, interpretive skills, scientific exploration and normative principles into their world-view and prepares them as future leaders in a complex, changing, and unpredictable world. The Research, Experiential and Applied (REAL) courses integrate research and training in the conduct of research at the undergraduate level, across disciplines.

UG Research Projects

Final Year Undergraduate Projects: Civil Engineering Department

Department of Civil Engineering
The department aims to train undergraduate students through industry oriented and research-based final year... read more

Rationally Designed Donor–Acceptor Scheme Based Molecules for Applications in Opto-Electronic Devices

Department of Physics
Several donor (D)–acceptor (A) based molecules are rationally designed by adopting three different schemes in which the... read more

OUR Projects

Application of Capsule Nets in Pharmacophore-based virtual high-throughput screening

Department of Center for Informatics
Scientific Background and Context: Deep learning is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on... read more

Monitoring of cement hydration using surface bonded sensor

Department of Civil Engineering
Hydration of concrete is a very complicated and multiphase process, where the cement gel transforms into a hardened... read more

Identity of the Mob and its “Paper Reality”

Department of History
The question of mob identity has been a topic of research among academicians for quite some time, and this paper too... read more