The paper aims to: a) estimate the research efficiency scores of Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in India, b) compare efficiencies in research and teaching according to characteristics like ownership, specialization of courses, and age, and c) estimate the group efficiencies of HEIs categorized according to their characteristics. We estimate efficiency scores using Data Envelopment Analysis and, for the first time, find out the Meta-technology ratio for each group to identify the group which represents the operations and processes of the entire higher education. Research efficiencies are higher than teaching efficiencies. In terms of research efficiency, old HEIs perform better than young HEIs, Public HEIs perform better than Private HEIs, and HEIs specializing in Non-professional courses perform better than HEIs specializing in Professional courses. The teaching-learning and research processes followed by public HEIs are closer to those followed by the entire higher education system. The association between teaching and research is low.

Simanti Bandyopadhyay
Aishna Sharma