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Journal Publications

Shiv Nadar University is fully-focused to pave the path of an academic research-based legacy. Following is the listing of faculty scholarly articles in high impact factor journals.  


L. M. Saha and Shambhabi Bhatt (2017): “Complexity studies and measures in Holling system of type II with stochasticity”, Ind. J. Industrial and Appl. Math. Vol. 8, No. 2.

M. K. Das, L. M. Saha and Rashmi Bhardwaz, “Dynamical Complexities of Non-linear Physical and Biological Systems”, Ind. J, Industrial and Appl, Math, 2017, Vol.8 (2): 133 –147.

Ghosh, J (with coauthors), “Trekking the Globe with the World IT Project”, Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research, 2018, 20(1). Publisher: Taylor and Francis. ISSN: 1522-8053 (Print); 2333-6897 (Online).

S Bhardwaj, A Pal, K Chatterjee, TH Rana, G Bhattacharya,, SS Roy, P Chowdhury, GD Sharma, S Biswas: Significant enhancement of power conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by the incorporation of TiO2–Au nanocomposite in TiO2 photoanode: Journal of Materials Science,  2018, 53, 8460.

Generalized Envelope Theorems: Applications to Dynamic Programming (with Kevin Reffett and Olivier Morand), Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, Vol. 176, 2018.

M. Monisha, N. Yadav, Shashi B. Srivastava, Samarendra P. Singh and B. Lochab, “Sustainable one-step strategy towards low temperature curable superparamagnetic composite based on smartly designed iron nanoparticles and cardanolbenzoxazine”, Journal of Materials ChemistryA, 2018, 6, 2555. (IF= 8.86)

S Deshmukh, KJ Sankaran, K Srinivasu, S Korneychuk, D Banerjee, A Barman, G Bhattacharya, DM Phase, M Gupta, J Verbeeck, KC Leou, IN Lin, K Haenen, SS Roy, “Local probing of the enhanced field electron emission of vertically aligned nitrogen-doped diamond nanorods and their plasma illumination properties”, Diamond and Related Materials. 83, 118 (1-18).

Stanislaus, Richards Joe, and Naveen Babu Gnanamoorthi, "Large-signal field analysis of a linear beam travelling wave tube amplifier for the anisotropically conducting tape helix slow-wave structure supported by dielectric rods", Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications (2017): 1-32.

Raja Sen, Samarendra P. Singh, and Priya Johari*,"Strategical Designing of Donor-Acceptor-Donor Based Organic Molecules for Tuning Their Linear Optical Properties", J. Phys. Chem. A 2018,122, 492. (I.F.: 2.847)

Mridula Budhraja, Keerti Jain Behera and L. M. Saha (2017): “Stabilizing unstable fixed point and chaos control in a prey-predator model with random shock”, Ind. J, Industrial and Appl, Math, Vol. 8(1): 34 – 45.