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Journal Publications

Shiv Nadar University is fully-focused to pave the path of an academic research-based legacy. Following is the listing of faculty scholarly articles in high impact factor journals.  


S. Shukla, A. Ghosh, P. K. Roy, S. Mitra and B. Lochab, Cardanol benzoxazines - a sustainable linker for elemental sulphur based copolymers via inverse vulcanization, Polymer 2016, 99, 349-357.

Pratibha Sharma, Manju Srivastava, B. Lochab, Devendra Kumar, Arunachalam Ramanan, and Prasun Kumar Roy, Metal-Organic Frameworks as curing accelerators for benzoxazines, ChemistrySelect, 2016, 3924 – 3932.

P. K. Dutta, A. Majumder, S. Dutta, B. B. Dhar, P. Munshi, S. Sen,Solvent free, palladium catalyzed highly facile synthesis of diaryl disulfides from aryl thiols” 2016, IF: 2.38.

V. Kumar, R. Thaimattam, S. Dutta, P. Munshi and A. Ramanan, "Design strategies for engineering multicomponent solids based on sulfa drugs", CrystEngComm. 2017, 19, 2914-2924.

E. Sangtani, S. Mandal, A. S. Sreelakshmi, P. Munshi and R. Gonnade, “Salts and Cocrystals of Furosemide with Pyridines: Differences in π-Stacking and Color Polymorphism”, Cryst. Growth & Des. 2017, 17 (6), 3071–3087.

K. K. Jha, S. Dutta, V. Kumar, P. Munshi*. “Isostructural Polymorphs: Qualitative Insights from Energy Frameworks” CrystEngComm, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016, 18, 8497-8505. IF: 3.85.


C. Bathula, S. Tripathi, R. Srinivasan, K. K. Jha, A. Ganguly, G. Chakraborty, S. Singh, P. Munshi and S Sen, “Synthesis of novel 5-arylidenethiazolidinones with apoptotic properties via a three component reaction using piperidine as a bifunctional reagent” Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry, DOI: 10.1039/C6OB01257D, 2016. IF: 3.56

Suresh Poudapally, Shankar Battu, Loka Reddy Velatooru, Murali Satyanarayana Bethu, Janapala Venkateswara Rao, Somesh Sharma, Subhabrata Sen, Narender Pottabathini, Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy Iska, Vidya Katangoor, “Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Quinazoline-Sulfonamides as Anti-Cancer Agents”, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2017,

Santanu Hati and Subhabrata Sen* Cerium Chloride Catalyzed, 2-Iodoxybenzoic Acid Mediated Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Multiple Heterocycles at Room Temperature, European Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2017, 1277-1280.

P. Dutta, A. Majumder, S. Dutta,  P. Munshi, B. B. Dhar, Subhabrata Sen, “Solvent free, palladium catalyzed highly facile synthesis of diaryl disulfides from aryl thiols”, Tetrahedron Letters, 2017, 58, 527