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Conference Publications

The intellectual contribution of the University to the community at large can be gleaned by the quality of publications put forth by the faculty members. The vibrancy of research programs in Shiv Nadar University is accentuated by the high quality publications. Following is the listing of Faculty's Research publication and Scholarly activties.


Shashi B. Srivastava, P. Sonar and Samarendra P. Singh, “Charge transport studies in a donor-acceptor type polymer PDPP-TNT:PCBM- C60 based bulk heterojunction devices”, IWPSD 2015, IISc Bangalore.

D.G. Kaskaoutis, E.E. Houssos, R. Gautam, R.P. Singh, A. Rashki, U.C. Dumka, 2016. Atmospheric circulation feedback on west Asian dust and Indian monsoon rainfall. Dr. Samarendra Pratrap Singh

D.G. Kaskaoutis, A. Rashki, E.E. Houssos, A. Bartzokas, P. Francois, M. Legrand, H.D. Kambezidis, 2016. The Caspian Sea – Hindu Kush Index (CasHKI): definition, long-term trends and meteorological influences over southwest Asia. [Poster presentation at the First International Conference on Dust – Ahvaz, Iran, 2-4 March 2016]

D.G. Kaskaoutis, H.D. Kambezidis, B.E. Psiloglou, 2015. Atmospheric circulation patterns and Sahara-dust transport pathways over Greece. 15th European Aerosol Conference, Milan, Italy, 6 - 11 September, 2015.

Swapnil Shukla, Arnab Ghosh, Sagar Mitra, Bimlesh Lochab, Inverse vulcanization polymer composites via sustainable route for Li-S battery, International Conference on Advances of Energy Research, ICAER 2016, IIT Bombay.

Nagarjuna Amarnath, B. Lochab, “Renewable Phenols – Towards Biobased Polymers”, RSC workshop on "Chemistry for tomorrow's World,  2-3 Dec 2015 at Hotel Maidens, New Delhi

B. Lochab, “Cardanol – Sustainable Source for Futuristic Applications”, RSC workshop on "Chemistry for tomorrow's World, 2-3 Dec 2015 at Hotel Maidens, New Delhi".

Swapnil Shukla and Bimlesh Lochab, Role of Higher Functionalities in Cardanol based Benzoxazines, RSC Workshop on ‘Chemistry for Tomorrow’s World, Dec 2015.

Swapnil Shukla and Bimlesh Lochab, Inverse vulcanization polymer composites via sustainable route for Li-S battery, 5th International Conference on Advances in Energy Research-2015, India, Dec 2015.

Intuitive scaffold hopping strategy towards substituted furopyridinediones as novel inhibitors of α-glucosidase: Oral Presentation in International Conference on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics, 2016, Pattaya, Thailand, 25th -27th January, 2016.