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Conference Publications

The intellectual contribution of the University to the community at large can be gleaned by the quality of publications put forth by the faculty members. The vibrancy of research programs in Shiv Nadar University is accentuated by the high quality publications. Following is the listing of Faculty's Research publication and Scholarly activties.


‘The Representation of the World War I Soldier in Literature’, a paper delivered at the India and World War I: Across Generations conference at the United Service Institution of India on November 6, 2015.

“At the Intersections of Race Caste and Religion: A work of Dr. T A Wise” for the conference hosted by Duke University, Middlebury College and SNU, April 14-16, 2016.

Haricharan, S. and Lowson, A. For the future generation: Perception of ‘heritage’ in Chennai, India and Exeter, UK. European Association of South Asian Archaeologists.July4-July 8 2016. Cardiff, Wales.

Haricharan, S. Abbas, R., Vahia,M. and Achyuttan, H. Burial patterns on the IA-EH landscape: Comparing Junapani, Maharashtra and Siruthavoor, Tamilnadu. World Archaeology Congress. August 28th- September 2nd 2016. Kyoto, Japan.

Haricharan, S. and Lowson, A. Untangling the India Perceptions of heritage from ‘Western’ ideas: Case study from Chennai. World Archaeology Congress. August 28th- September 2nd 2016. Kyoto, Japan.

‘The Courtyard House in the South Asian Bronze Age’, presented at a workshop, Haveli: The Way Forward, Archade Foundation, Gandhi Darshan, October 10-11, 2015.

Ajay Dandekar, Contested Spaces and Resultant Conflicts: The Rural of Today. At the Inaugural Conference of Ambedkar Centre for Law and Economics. November 3rd 2015.

Ajay Dandekar, Understanding the New Rural: A journey from crisis to survival. In the workshop panel on Future of the Rural at South Asian Conference Wisconsin, Madison. October 23rd 2015.

L. M. Saha and M. K. Das (2016): Complexities in piecewise continuous dynamical systems. To be presented at the “Workshop on Qualitative Studies of Growth, Diversification and Globalization of S & T”, IIC, Delhi University South Campus, on 08/01/2016.

Valance Electron Concentration Dependant Structural Stability and Electronic Properties of Mo6S9-xIx (x = 0 – 9). Nanowires, J. Karthikeyan, V. Kumar and P. Murugan, in First Symposium on Advanced Functional Materials. (FUNMAT-2016) Theme: Energy Conversion and Storage, held in CECRI, Karaikudi 26-28 May 2016