Turmeric root oil and Carrot seed oil possess medicinal value such as anti-inflammatory and the antifungal properties due to availability of several compounds in their oil i.e. Turmerone and Curcumin in turmeric oil and Carotol and Daucol in Carrot seed oil. In this project, optimization of operating parameters is carried out for selective extraction of Turmerone, Curcumin, Carotol and Daucol using supercritical fluid extraction method. Since a large number of parameters affect the quality and quantity of extracted compounds, manual optimization is a tedious and time-consuming task. Therefore, DoE and ANN modelling approach will be adopted to maximize the extraction of selective compounds by predicting suitable operating conditions where extraction of other compounds present could be minimized. Variable operating parameters selected for the optimization are Pressure, Temperature, Solvent flow rate, Particle size and Addition of co-solvent. DoE modelling will be carried out using the licensed version of QUANTUM XL Software while MATLAB would be utilized for ANN modelling.

PI: Dr. Priyanka Katiyar