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Journal Publications

The intellectual contribution of a University to the community at large can be gleaned by the quality of publications by the faculty members. The faculty members at the University have published several book and book chapters; research work in peer reviewed high impact National and International indexed search journals.

Title Author Journal Name Year of Publication Volume & Page Number
Post-translational regulation of a Porphyromonas gingivalis regulator Li Y., Krishnan K., Duncan M.J. Journal of Oral Microbiology 2018 10
Strategical Designing of Donor-Acceptor-Donor Based Organic Molecules for Tuning Their Linear Optical Properties Sen R., Singh S.P., Johari P. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2018 122
Identification of a novel trafficking pathway exporting a replication protein, Orc2 to nucleus via classical secretory pathway in Plasmodium falciparum Sharma R., Sharma B., Gupta A., Dhar S.K. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Cell Research 2018 1865
Post-Growth in the Global South? Some Reflections from India and Bhutan Gerber J.-F., Raina R.S. Ecological Economics 2018 150
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of a novel library of antimitotic C2-aroyl/arylimino tryptamine derivatives that are also potent inhibitors of indoleamine-2, 3-dioxygenase (IDO) Chauhan J., Dasgupta M., Luthra T., Awasthi A., Tripathy S., Banerjee A., Paul S., Nag D., Chakrabarti S., Chakrabarti G., Sen S. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2018 124