My research area focuses on Corporate Governance. Literature documents various corporate governance mechanism that align managers and shareholders interest, and ultimately impacts firm’s performance. Another important component that received considerable attention is the compensation contracts for managers. A significant empirical work is already done in the field of executive compensation. But Board Compensation didn’t receive much attention. My research work is centered around impact of board compensation on firm performance, firm policies and risk taking.

Ankur Paliwal's Ph.D. experience
“Whatever qualities a scholar can think of his supervisor; Prof. Vishwanatha SR has more than of that. I am particularly fond of his knowledge and expertise. His support, encouragement, guidance help and motivate me in my research work. He is a person who works day and night to mold and flourish the intellectual capabilities of his scholar. He is truly an inspiration for me.”

Dr. Vishwanatha Ramanna

Ankur Paliwal, Ph.D. scholar