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Completed Doctoral Thesis

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Exponents of Primitive Companion Matrices

This thesis contains five chapters and is devoted to the study of the exponents of primitive companion matrices and... read more

Faculty Advisor: Satyanarayana Arikatla

Student Name: Monimala Nej

Submitted on: 2019

Department: Mathematics

Essays on Relationships Between Initial Life Conditions and Later Life Outcomes

This thesis aims to add on to the existing literature about the implications of early life nutrition and health... read more

Faculty Advisor: Gitanjali Sen

Student Name: Gaurav Dhamija

Submitted on: 2019

Department: Economics

Design of Novel Molecular Libraries as Inhibitors of Alpha-Glucosidase- Potent Hybrid Compounds Against Type II Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most widespread metabolic disorders in the world and nearly 200 million global... read more

Faculty Advisor: Subhabrata Sen

Student Name: Tania Luthra

Submitted on: 2019

Department: Chemistry

Metal Catalyzed C-H functionalization: Accessing Diverse Bio-Active Heterocycles and Building Blocks

Transition metal catalyzed direct functionalization of C-H bonds have brought a paradigm shift in organic chemistry.... read more

Faculty Advisor: Subhabrata Sen

Co-Faculty Advisor: Basab Dhar

Student Name: Pratip Dutta

Submitted on: 2019

Department: Chemistry