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Graduate Research Projects

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Degradation Behavior of Microwave Derived High Entropy Alloy Coatings for Marine Applications

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tribo-corrosion is an issue of concern for marine and other fluid machinery. Durability and performance of marine components are severely impaired due to degradation from erosion and corrosion. Utilization of advanced structural... read more

October School 2017

Department of Art & Performing Art
The October school was conducted as part of the network initiated by the IFCAR Institute for Contemporary Art Research at ZHdK Zürich, in which The Shiv Nadar University is a partner. The October School (Convened by Associate... read more

Performance by students of the Shiv Nadar University at the Students' Biennale, Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016

Department of Art & Performing Art
One of the 15 curators of Students' Biennale, Adwait Singh invited the Master of Fine Art (MFA) students of the Department of Art and Performing Arts, to be part of the Student’s Biennale for the third edition in December... read more

Activation of the Hg−C Bond of Methylmercury by [S2]‑Donor Ligands

Department of Chemistry
Here we report that [S2]-donor ligands BmmOH, BmmMe, and BmeMe bind rapidly and reversibly to the mercury centers of organomercurials, RHgX, and facilitate the cleavage of Hg−C bonds of RHgX to produce stable tetracoordinated Hg(... read more

Chemical Detoxification of Organomercurials

Department of Chemistry
Organomercurials including methylmercury are ubiquitous environmental pollutants and highly toxic to humans. Now it could be shown that N-methylimidazole based thiones/selones having an N-CH2CH2OH substituent are remarkably... read more

Polymorphism in Bioactive Molecules

Department of Chemistry
Polymorphism in Bioactive Molecules

Study of real world chemical networks using random matrix theory and graph measures

Department of Chemistry, Physics, Center for Informatics
Study of real world chemical networks using random matrix theory and graph measures

Application of electron density-based analysis in the study of nanoclusters and biomolecular interactions

Department of Chemistry, Center for Informatics
Ab initio methods, specifically density functional theory (DFT) based methods, can be used to elucidate the structures and properties of small nanoclusters. Our research further focuses on utilizing electron density as a tool for... read more