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Graduate Research

A combination of pedagogy in the classroom with mentored research supervision along with freedom and encouragement to work on diverse and eclectic areas of research, has allowed research students to fruitfully engage with their individual research interests as well as place themselves in a wider network of knowledge creation.

The University provides a dynamic, discovery-driven intellectual environment that attracts exceptional postgraduate students and trains them for leadership positions in academia, industry, government, research laboratories, and non-profit organizations. Besides, a combination of outstanding faculty; state-of-the-art infrastructure; and a culture of rigorous and open inquiry as the foundation of graduate education, the University has invested a significant amount of funds to build state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to train research scholars and enable them to work on problems of current relevance.

Graduate Research Projects

Self-aggregated Macrocycles for Mass Transport across Cell Membrane

Department of Chemistry
The mass transport between the external and interior environment of the cells is an essential process in all living... read more

Mechanoresponsive materials

Department of Chemistry
Materials that become stronger upon applying force/stress have a great interest in material science and innovation.... read more

Molecular host for Host-Guest Chemistry

Department of Chemistry
In biological systems, enzymes create well-defined confined space to enforce catalytic activity with very high... read more

Completed Doctoral Thesis