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Graduate Research

A combination of pedagogy in the classroom with mentored research supervision along with freedom and encouragement to work on diverse and eclectic areas of research, has allowed research students to fruitfully engage with their individual research interests as well as place themselves in a wider network of knowledge creation.

The University provides a dynamic, discovery-driven intellectual environment that attracts exceptional postgraduate students and trains them for leadership positions in academia, industry, government, research laboratories, and non-profit organizations. Besides, a combination of outstanding faculty; state-of-the-art infrastructure; and a culture of rigorous and open inquiry as the foundation of graduate education, the University has invested a significant amount of funds to build state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to train research scholars and enable them to work on problems of current relevance.

Graduate Research Projects

Degradation Behavior of Microwave Derived High Entropy Alloy Coatings for Marine Applications

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tribo-corrosion is an issue of concern for marine and other fluid machinery. Durability and performance of marine... read more

October School 2017

Department of Art & Performing Art
The October school was conducted as part of the network initiated by the IFCAR Institute for Contemporary Art Research... read more

Performance by students of the Shiv Nadar University at the Students' Biennale, Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016

Department of Art & Performing Art
One of the 15 curators of Students' Biennale, Adwait Singh invited the Master of Fine Art (MFA) students of the... read more

Completed Doctoral Thesis

Exponents of Primitive Companion Matrices

Department of Mathematics
This thesis contains five chapters and is devoted to the study of the exponents of primitive companion matrices and... read more

Essays on Relationships Between Initial Life Conditions and Later Life Outcomes

Department of Economics
This thesis aims to add on to the existing literature about the implications of early life nutrition and health... read more

Design of Novel Molecular Libraries as Inhibitors of Alpha-Glucosidase- Potent Hybrid Compounds Against Type II Diabetes

Department of Chemistry
Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most widespread metabolic disorders in the world and nearly 200 million global... read more