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Research Facilities

At Shiv Nadar University Research Excellence is achieved and cultivated through pedagogical training, perseverance and extraordinary research. Pushing the boundaries of research, the University houses state-of-the-art cutting edge research infrastructure and facilities.

  • Wireless Lab

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    In the Wireless Laboratory, research is undertaken by B.Tech, M.Tech and PhD students in various domains like environmental monitoring, mobile health, wireless data...

  • Smart Classroom and Lab

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    The Smart Classroom and Laboratory in the department is one of the most modern facility of its kind and supports all teaching needs of the department. This high end...

  • Materials Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry

    Polymer Chemistry, Nanomaterials and Materials Chemistry Materials Research Laboratory encompasses research on energy conversion and storage, biofouling and drug/gene...

  • Photoluminescence Lab

    Department of Chemistry

    Photoluminescence Lab This instrument can be used to study photoluminescence property (fluorescence & phosphorescence) of light emitting materials in liquids,...

  • Uv-vis lab

    Department of Chemistry

    Uv-visible spectroscopy lab Ultraviolet-Visible spectroscopy is a powerful technique for examining the optical properties of materials in liquid state. It is widely...

  • Surface Characterization Laboratory

    Department of Physics

    Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) is a powerful tool for imaging a specimen surface by scanning with a physical probe. It operates in two basic ways: (i) contact and (ii)...

  • Surface Topography Laboratory

    Department of Physics

    The surface profilometer from Bruker is used for determining a thickness of the deposited thin films and also for determining layer uniformity. It can be used for...

  • Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory

    Department of Physics

    SHIMAZU’s spectrophotometer (UV-Vis 3700) can be used to measure the optical properties (such as absorption and transmission coefficients) of thin films, powder samples...


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