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Research Facilities

At Shiv Nadar University Research Excellence is achieved and cultivated through pedagogical training, perseverance and extraordinary research. Pushing the boundaries of research, the University houses state-of-the-art cutting edge research infrastructure and facilities.

  • Protein Homeostasis Lab

    Department of Life Sciences

    Project 1: Elucidating the novel regulators of mitochondrial protein quality control Mitochondrial dysfunction and loss of proteostasis have been designated as two...


    Department of Life Sciences

    Lab's  focus is on the Drug Discovery against HEV  at Transcription and Post-translational level: The four enzymes of HEV, Methyl Transferase, Cysteine...

  • Non-linear Optics Lab

    Department of Physics

    The non-linear optics laboratory work towards development and applications of novel organic and inorganic materials for optical telecommunication, optical information...


    Department of Life Sciences

    Cell culture systems for Hepatitis C and E Viruses One of the main goal of our laboratory is to explore HCV Gt3 and Gt4 in vitro replication system. Bioselection is...


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