The Embedded Systems & Computer Engineering group focuses on areas related to embedded systems & IoT(Internet of Things) for smart buildings and agriculture, RTOS (real-time operating systems), processor micro-architecture design, inter-machine communication/networking, machine automation, computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, natural language analytics, bio-medical signal processing, etc. The faculty members and research scholars in this area are working on problems related to board-level hardware design, VLSI CAD algorithms, simulation, and modeling activities like architecturesimulation. The following members are associated with this research area:

Faculty Members

  •   Prof. Vinod Sharma             
  •   Prof. Vijay Kumar Chakka
  •   Dr. Venkatnarayan Hariharan     
  •   Dr. Sonal Singhal
  •   Dr. Rohit Singh                         
  •   Mr. Aakash Sinha

Research Scholars

  • Mr. Venugopal Kotha  
  • Ms. Priyanka Mathur
  • Mr. Kiran G
  • Mr. Govinda 
  • Mr. Atul Ranjan