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Research Compliances

Shiv Nadar University has a vibrant academic program whose mission is to create knowledge through research activities across different schools. The Office of Research coordinates and ensures measures and requirements around research compliances on campus.

The Office of Research along with the committees are mandated to regulate and ensure measures around research compliances on campus. University as well as the individual researchers work towards ensuring that the research performed on campus comply with rules and regulations. The following committees on campus are mandated to regulate and ensure such measures:

Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) has been constituted and mandated to protect the welfare of human subjects involved in research conducted by the University. The committee reviews and approves all types of research proposals involving human participants, looking into the aspects of informed consent process, risk-benefit ratio, distribution of burden, before the start of any such study as well as monitor the research throughout the study till completion.

Institutional of Bio-Safety Committee (IBSC) has been constituted with the internal and external members as mandated by the Government of India to review, approve and monitor research activities involving recombinant DNA technology and genetic manipulation of microorganisms, plants or animals. The committee reviews and approves projects involving manipulations before commencement of the research activity and function as knowledge resource for safe use of r-DNA Technology and genetically modified organisms.