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Institute for Innovations & Inventions with Mathematics and IT (IIIMIT)

The Institute for Innovation and Inventions with Mathematics and IT (IIIMIT) has been established in collaboration with the Mathematical Sciences Foundation (MSF). Its emphasis on an integrated research and education program that brings together academia, industry and society makes IIIMIT unique among mathematics institutes in India.

The Institute for Innovations & Inventions with Mathematics and IT (IIIMIT) was founded under the aegis of the School of Natural Sciences (SoNS), Shiv Nadar University. The Institute is envisioned as an expansion of the decade-long activities of the Mathematical Sciences Foundation (MSF) which has created numerous high-value activities in training and research that have involved teachers, students, scientists, government and private institutions and other segments of society.
Emphasizing on integrated research and education programs that bring together academia, industry, and society. - the institute has key activities such as Applications of mathematics and information technology to real-world problems; Creation of a training and research platform for teachers and students; Involve and train – in innovation – people drawn from various sectors of academia and industry, including college teachers and undergraduate students. With a current research focus on Computational Finance and Mathematics Education, the Center conducts a teaching program Excel in Business for students in Kashmir, and hosts a month-long summer internship program called Inviting All Young Minds (IAYM).
To know more about the Center and its activities, please contact:
Dr. Amber Habib -
Head, Institute for Innovations & Inventions with Mathematics and IT (IIIMIT)

Sneh Lata

I did my BSc(H) Mathematics and then MSc from Delhi University. I have done my PhD (with Prof. Vern paulsen) from University of Houston (Texas). My research areas include Operator Theory, Operator Algebras, Function Theory, and Frame Theory. 

Statistical Modelling of High Frequency Multi-dimensional Stock Data

The main problems we are considering are:

  1. To establish generalizations of concepts like Value at Risk to many dimensions as well as for heavy-tailed distributions.
  2. To find corresponding optimal hedging strategies.
  3. To develop regulatory strategies to mitigate the `flash crashes’ that have been observed in recent years as a consequence of high-frequency trading.

The analysis will be based on tick-by-tick data purchased from the National Stock Exchange, Mumbai.

Principal Investigator: Charu Sharma