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Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering (CESE)

Center with a strong multidisciplinary thrust on research, education and outreach in environmental sciences, engineering, and sustainability, in keeping with the global demand The Mission of the Center is to undertake focused high quality interdisciplinary basic and applied research on key areas of environmental issues crossing the boundaries of traditional disciplines to look at the relationship between humans and their environment, natural as well as built, and the sets of relationships between them from a variety of perspective leading to technology development and competency building in various areas related to environmental problems, thereby providing solutions to Indian industry and policy makers. 

The Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering (CESE) was established under the aegis of the School of Natural Sciences (SoNS), Shiv Nadar University with an objective to create interdisciplinary research facility integrating fields of Science, Natural Resources, Engineering, Social Sciences, Public Policy and Law. 

The Center is envisioned to become a leader in environmental science research in the country by conducting problem-solving inter/multi-disciplinary research in niche areas and meeting the needs of the society, industry and national and international agencies/organizations. It provides advance training to students in areas such as environmental science, natural resource management, socio-economics, public policy and engineering from a perspective of sustainable development. Besides undertaking research the center aims to establish a tripartite relationship between academia, industry and the government agencies to nurture and support the growth of environmental science and technology. The Center is also actively engaged in outreach programs, including organizing workshops, conferences, training and extension activities, which attract participation from academia, industries and government and non-government sectors. 

To know more about the Center and its activities, please contact:

Dr. Prof. Jyoti Kumar Sharma -

Head, Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering (CESE)

Environmental Studies Field Study Tour to NTPC Thermal Power Plant, Dadri

As part of field study tour, 80 students of CCC704: Environmental Studies course visited NTPC Thermal Power Plant on 17 February and 24 March 2018. This is the first time that SNU students went to NTPC Plant.Faculty of NTPC explained the power generation using coal, gas and solar energy to SNU students and shown the functioning of the plant, including safety features, environmental hazards and their management.

Sailesh Behera

Dr. Sailesh N. Behera has been working as Assistant Professor in Department of Civil Engineering at Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India since July 2015. He obtained his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. Before joining at Shiv Nadar University, he worked as a Post-Doctorate Fellow in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Harender Sinhmar

Dr. Harender is currently Assistant Professor with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Shiv Nadar University (SNU). He is associated with the Thermal Engineering group of the Department. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in the area of Renewable Energy (Wave Energy) from the Department of Ocean Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Prior to joining SNU, he worked as a project officer in IITM-NIOT cell in IIT Madras. His research interest includes Wave Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, and Alternative Fuels.

Manish Bhardwaj

Currently I am engaged with Shiv Nadar University (whch is an philanothropic institution) working on a project for preparation of “Biodiversity Register of Chithera Village Panchayat”.

Prior to that I was involved with “DST-National mission on Himalayan Biodiversity” project to study climate change impacts on biodiversity in Himalayan region.