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Areas Of Research

University is engaged in cutting-edge research themes in areas as diverse as labor law; health care policies; the analysis of big data; the management of natural resources; climate change; drug and polymer design; protein and DNA bioinformatics; chemical and biological networks; inorganic nanomaterials; materials for energy applications; computational finance, mathematics education and research on treatments for cancer, malaria and other drug-resistant diseases with research findings having been published in high-impact national and international indexed journals.

Thermo-fluids and energy systems
Mechanical Engineering
Non-renewable fossil fuels are the finite resource which will ultimately peter out in near future. Nature sheds the colossal amount of renewable energy but the human’s harvest a morsel. Taking this...
Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Focused Areas:  Use of advanced materials is synergy with various manufacturing techniques for developing robust and biocompatible biomaterials Development of coatings for mitigating...
Medicinal Chemistry
Projects: Design synthesis and biological evaluation of novel small molecules as a-glucosidase inhibitors Identifying small molecules against breast cancer Novel oxidative strategies to...
Computational Quantum Chemistry and Materials Informatics
Chemistry, Physics, Center for Informatics
Discerning and exploiting patterns in chemical data lies at the heart of any systematic program for materials design. Rapid advances in computational power during the last couple of decades have...
Chemistry, Center for Informatics
Bioinformatics and cheminformatics are scientific disciplines that have evolved in recent decades at the interface between chemistry, biology and computer science. In many areas of chemistry, biology...
Visuality, Translations and Writing
Much of contemporary anthropology and sociology assume that the reflexive observer is located within the enterprise of ethnography itself. The analytic lens here puts into crisis the view of a...