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Areas Of Research

University is engaged in cutting-edge research themes in areas as diverse as labor law; health care policies; the analysis of big data; the management of natural resources; climate change; drug and polymer design; protein and DNA bioinformatics; chemical and biological networks; inorganic nanomaterials; materials for energy applications; computational finance, mathematics education and research on treatments for cancer, malaria and other drug-resistant diseases with research findings having been published in high-impact national and international indexed journals.

Microfluidics and Nanotechnology
Chemical Engineering
Separation Science and Technology
Chemical Engineering
Separation operations make the biggest part of a typical Chemical Process. Success of a Chemical Industry very much depends on the ease of separation of the products into their desired...
Numerical Modelling, Simulation and CFD
Chemical Engineering
Flora and fauna studies (Jyoti K Sharma, Amit K Tripathi, Mohd Ahmad,and...
Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering (CESE)
FLORA The floristic survey of Chithara Village Panchayat including, SNU Campus, conducted during all the three seasons, winter, summer and rainy throughout the year during 2014-17, covering...
Materials Chemistry
Chemistry, Physics, Center for Informatics
To design and fabricate intelligent molecular materials and devices.
Chemical Biology & Protein Chemistry
Mathematical Modelling
Ajit Kumar Charu Sharma Samit Bhattacharyya Santosh Singh Sudeepto Bhattacharya Suma Ghosh
Topology and Geometry
Amber Habib Neha Gupta Pradip Kumar
Algebra and Number Theory
A Satyanarayana Reddy Amber Habib Neha Gupta Sanjeev Agrawal
Niteesh Sahni Pradip Kumar Priyanka Grover Sanjeev Agrawal Sneh Lata