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Areas Of Research

University is engaged in cutting-edge research themes in areas as diverse as labor law; health care policies; the analysis of big data; the management of natural resources; climate change; drug and polymer design; protein and DNA bioinformatics; chemical and biological networks; inorganic nanomaterials; materials for energy applications; computational finance, mathematics education and research on treatments for cancer, malaria and other drug-resistant diseases with research findings having been published in high-impact national and international indexed journals.

Process System Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Alternate Energy (Solar, Wind, Bio-fuels, etc.)
Chemical Engineering
Process Safety and Process Intensification
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
Chemical Engineering
Microfluidics and Nanotechnology
Chemical Engineering
Separation Science and Technology
Chemical Engineering
Separation operations make the biggest part of a typical Chemical Process. Success of a Chemical Industry very much depends on the ease of separation of the products into their desired...
Numerical Modelling, Simulation and CFD
Chemical Engineering
Flora and fauna studies (Jyoti K Sharma, Amit K Tripathi, Mohd Ahmad,and...
Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering (CESE)
FLORA The floristic survey of Chithara Village Panchayat including, SNU Campus, conducted during all the three seasons, winter, summer and rainy throughout the year during 2014-17, covering...
Materials Chemistry
Chemistry, Physics, Center for Informatics
To design and fabricate intelligent molecular materials and devices.
Chemical Biology & Protein Chemistry