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Areas Of Research

University is engaged in cutting-edge research themes in areas as diverse as labor law; health care policies; the analysis of big data; the management of natural resources; climate change; drug and polymer design; protein and DNA bioinformatics; chemical and biological networks; inorganic nanomaterials; materials for energy applications; computational finance, mathematics education and research on treatments for cancer, malaria and other drug-resistant diseases with research findings having been published in high-impact national and international indexed journals.

Parasite Biology
Life Sciences
Plant Biology
Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Mammalian Cell Biology
Life Sciences
Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure
Civil Engineering
Till date, some primitive non-destructive tests (dye-penetrant, magnetic particle etc.) has been the most prevalent method of structural inspections, which makes the inspection process extremely...
Materials and Structures
Civil Engineering
BIO-CON MATRIX FOR CONCRETE REHABILATION Concrete is the most critical element used in public infrastructure/buildings. Concrete is very brittle material with low tolerance for strain, so it is...
Urban Studies
Civil Engineering
Ongoing research projects include developing an understanding of how road networks and morphological structures affect driver behaviour, studying the urban heat island effect, and developing an...
Transportation Safety
Civil Engineering
Road traffic crashes impose a large and growing public health burden globally, particularly in low- and middle-income countries such as India. Traffic injuries cause about 1.3 million deaths around...
Seismic Hazard Assessment
Civil Engineering
Stochastic finite-fault simulation combined with site response analysis is used to understand the spatial distribution of ground motion due to damaging earthquakes. The rock level ground motion for...
Dynamical Systems
Institute for Innovations & Inventions with Mathematics and IT (IIIMIT)
The Dynamical Systems group: Lalmohan Saha, Fellow at IIIMIT Niteesh Sahni, Department of Mathematics