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Areas Of Research

University is engaged in cutting-edge research themes in areas as diverse as labor law; health care policies; the analysis of big data; the management of natural resources; climate change; drug and polymer design; protein and DNA bioinformatics; chemical and biological networks; inorganic nanomaterials; materials for energy applications; computational finance, mathematics education and research on treatments for cancer, malaria and other drug-resistant diseases with research findings having been published in high-impact national and international indexed journals.

Machine Learning
Electrical Engineering
Life Sciences
Machine learning
Center for Informatics, Chemistry
Network Science
Center for Informatics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Computational Materials Science
Center for Informatics, Chemistry, Physics
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Structural engineering is a speciality of civil engineering, which deals with analysis and design of various civil engineering infrastructure systems, such as buildings, bridges, pipelines, dams,...
Novel Cementitious Composites For Sustainable Construction
Civil Engineering
The construction industry of 21st century, on one hand, is trying to develop cost saving practices to deliver maximum benefits to the stakeholder; while on the other hand, the industry is under acute...
Application of Phase Change Materials In Improving The Thermal Comfort...
Civil Engineering
High economic growth of last two decades has put India on the path of rapid urbanization and “Smart Cities”. This accelerated growth in India has created a multiple fold increase in demand for...
Estimation of Perceived and Actual Risk Faced by Pedestrians: Case Study...
Civil Engineering
In case of Delhi (India), where road space is shared by variety of vehicle types, traffic crash fatalities from 2006-12 show that pedestrians have the largest share in total road fatalities. In an...
Life Sciences