The Venture Lab TM

Managers and business leaders of the new-age global digital economy will need to possess and deploy sharp entrepreneurial acumen to successfully navigate their career in the highly dynamic business terrains of the future. The curriculum of the Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) program at Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence is uniquely designed to recognize this fact and prepare its students to thrive in such an all-encompassing digital business environment.

Our BMS curriculum therefore offers students the invaluable opportunity to ‘Learn Business by Doing Business’ inside what we call The Venture Laboratory. The Venture Lab provides students an extensive, authentic, and rigorous entrepreneurial experience in which they learn to build and run a business enterprise from point zero. The program focus is on equipping students with the necessary competencies, skills, and attitude to surmount business complexities so that they gain the confidence to handle tomorrow’s real-life business challenges by experiencing it today.

The Venture Lab experience includes mentorship by esteemed faculty and domain experts. Students are guided on all the core and functional aspects of a setting up and managing their own business venture, such as;

  • Understanding the fundamentals of business and management
  • Identifying market needs and converting ideas into a business plan
  • Business planning, problem solving, and negotiation
  • Working in teams and
  • Executing in all areas of the business (financial planning & viability, sales & marketing, operations, strategy, human resource management)

Funding is provided by the University.