Surface & Nano Science Laboratory

Do the top surface layer of any solid material and the underneath layers behave in similar way? The subject become more challenging when one solid surface is grown on top of other and form interfaces. Surface is more important for any nanomaterial whose properties rely on the large surface-to-volume ratio and equally imperative for one atomic layer-to-few tens of nm film-to-bulk materials. We aim to explore the surface and interfacial properties of thin films and/or nanostructures of various materials for improving our fundamental understanding and examine their functional properties for wide range of applications such as memory devices, solar cells, phtocatalysis, hydrophobicity, gas sensor, light emitting devices, etc. 

RF/DC magnetron sputtering systems (Excel Instruments, India)

Contact Angle measurement unit (Kruss GmbH, Germany)

TL/OSL Reader (Excella Electronics India Ltd., India)

Thermal Analysis chamber (Excel Instruments, India)

Probe station (Precise Measurement Technologies, India)


Block A, Ground Floor, Room: A013

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