Stimulation Lab (Process Control, Modelling and Simulations Lab)

This lab is associated with Numerical modelling and simulations, CFD analysis and process control related research work. Several Research Projects are going on in this lab:

  • CFD study of free radical polymerization in chaotic flow tubular microreactors
  • Modelling and Simulation of free radical polymerization - Analytical Solution and its applications in various conditions like semi-batch, non-isothermal etc. including process control of the same.
  • CFD analysis of mixing in Coiled Flow Inverter (CFI) micromixer compared to other simple geometries.

The lab has 3 high end Workstations with various software:

  • Comsol - Multiphysics CFD software - and several modules.
  • Matlab
  • Aspen
  • Microsoft office.

Location: B216
Faculty Members: Dr. Dhiraj Garg