Energy and environmental sustainability Laboratory

The focus of Energy and Environmental sustainability research group lies in the investigation of ecological technologies to create energy efficient and clean environment. The current focus is on the production of Bio-oil from the agro-industrial solid waste and food waste obtained from the food mess, restaurants etc using thermochemical conversion methods. Pyrolysis method is adopted for the thermal degradation of solid waste in absence and presence of catalyst. Produced bio-oil is further analysed for its composition and upgraded to make it more refined for direct use. Another way to manage and utilize the solid waste obtained from various industries such as Tannery, Essential oil industry etc, solid wastes are used as adsorbent and catalyst in the treatment of textile and pharmaceutical wastewater. Agro-industrial solid waste was first converted into biochar by heating waste at high temperature under Inert atmosphere then used as adsorbent and catalyst.

This research group also works on the advanced separation technologies such as membrane separation, Supercritical fluid extraction and Supercritical fluid drying. The research also includes the Simulation and Modelling of the above-mentioned processes.

Equipment in the Lab:
1. Fixed bed pyrolysis reactor
2. Rotary evaporator
3. Orbital shaking incubator
4. Multiphotometer (COD, Color, pH etc)
5. UV spectroscopy
6. Karl-fisher titrator
7. Fume hood
8. Supercritical fluid extraction setup

Location of Lab: F 103F, F block
Faculty Members: Dr Priyanka Katiyar
Research Scholars: Mr. Sourodipto Modak (PhD), Ms. Kohnoor Bano (RA), Kavita Khatana (PDF), 3 UG students