World Literature and Translation Studies


We have a strong research interest in emerging global perspectives on world literature. The body of work scans through the dialogues with postcolonial and postmodernist theories or the writing by the most prolific authors. Research interests include exploring ideas of cultural heritage, queer studies, cognitive poetics, epics, and national literature with an overview of major historical eras studied in a world or generic context. While investigating the canonical historical-critical areas, interpretive questions bring to light the purpose of wider cultural and intellectual genealogies to explore how the human body was grasped and deployed in major historical eras. The other research inquiries lead to interpreting the famous or occluded writers, fostering ways in which they can be read in terms of World Literature. The faculty members are oriented toward cultural studies, popular literature, anglophone study, and translation studies. Our research in World Literature includes intrinsic problems in folk literature and narrative theory, questioning the linguistically complex and polyglot world. The answers in consideration give rise to further questions on translation, aesthetics, and the related literary challenges of acceptance in the academic space.