Sensory Worlds and Aesthetics

Critical reflection on life and the lived world has always been the central concern of Sociology and Social Anthropology. However, increasingly, researchers are also investigating the ways in which this world becomes available in tangible and material ways. In our department, faculty and students engage with these questions by focusing on the mediation of the senses, especially the visual and the auditory senses for investigating the ways in which the sensorial world mediates our sense of the self and constructs the terms of the social in multiple ways. In this, aesthetics, in the sense of being a disposition to the senses, is an analytical category and/or a conceptual frame that becomes central to our contemporary sociological imagination.  We, in the department, recognize the capacity of this conceptual frame to understand the unequal possibilities of developing sensibility in and of the social world/s we embody and encounter.

Associated Faculty

Urmila Shripad Bhirdikar

Associate Professor

School of Humanities and Social Sciences