Job Opportunity


Job ID Job Title Position Application deadline Department
76 Assistant Professor (Mechanical Engineering) Assistant Professor Open Mechanical Engineering Apply
117 Aerobics Instructor Aerobics Instructor Open University Level Offering Apply
69 Associate Professor (Computer Science & Engineering) Associate Professor Open Computer Science and Engineering Apply
95 Assistant Professor - Physics - School of Natural Sciences Assistant Professor Open Physics Apply
46 Assistant Professor - Design - School of Humanities & Social Sciences Assistant Professor Open Design Apply
88 Associate Professor - Marketing Management - School of Management & Entrepreneurship Associate Professor Open Marketing Management Apply
27 Post-doctoral - Center for Informatics Post-doctoral Open Center for Informatics Apply
81 Associate Professor - Decision Sciences, Operations Management & Information Systems- School of Management & Entrepreneurship Associate Professor Open Decision Sciences, Operations Management, and Information Systems Apply
73 Professor (Chemical Engineering) Professor Open Chemical Engineering Apply
102 Associate Professor - Mathematics - School of Natural Sciences Associate Professor Open Mathematics Apply